I'm being ignored after I lost all saved data

The difficulty must get harder as you progress. Because it takes me five rockets to kill a harvester. All with precision aiming. Even more to kill a tank. It took three explosive propane tanks simultaneously to take down a tank.
And two to three rockets per hunter.
Maybe it goes by time played or player level, I’m not sure.

Mr or miss unavailable was right it has only been 3 days so dont worry we are all in the same boat , i just had another crash earlier , just wait and see update is probably being worked on as were talking about it,

Its been 3 days since the game was released! 3! Id understand you if the game were around a month or so but youre calling it the “Worst most buggy game youve ever had” Well obviously a new game will have issues! But spamming it wont help you.

Yes thats how it felt , easy first tank then they armour up ,

Apparently someone didn’t play fallout 76 :joy::rofl:

Fallout 76 never delegated my saved progres. Yes I have never had a game destroy all my saved memory for no reason.

Or Anthem like me thats why i bought G Zero , out of one frying pan into a more suitable container

Hey walleftw, trust me the Community Managers and the developers are aware of your issue. There is hundreds of bug reports coming in every day and they need to sort through them log them by severity and then work through them. They’re not always able to respond but rest assured they will get around to your bug report. I’m extremely sorry that you’ve had a bad experience playing Generation Zero and it’s rather unfortunate that you lost your save, understandably you’re upset. However it’s past working hours in Stockholm Sweden. The Developers are doing all they can. Also I would recommend filling in the format correctly so that it can be fixed for the future. The harsh reality is you most likely won’t get your save back as far as I’m aware there is no way to do revert it. Sorry about the unpleasant experience.

Lol I know. And I do realize that definitely sucks. But at least you were only a quarter of the day in. If my 30 some game hours and more than half of the entire map was erased I would be pretty salty.

Thanks PM , what was i saying about us talking about it , great news

Thank you for addressing my issue ! I will be pursuing a refund for a faulty product.

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Mrozak if it happened to me it could happen to you.

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This bug report should be considered number 1 on your sevarity list. And if it’s not well… your game is clearly not whole game.

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Good luck. Sorry about the unpleasant experience. Rest assured the development team are working through the bugs.


Have you checked to see if your game was backed up to PS+ Cloud? Worth a shot.

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Walleftw was right i have also found gold hunting rifle and friend got .50cal sniper from Harvester ( 4 legged tank) In OSTERVIK town center