I'm being ignored after I lost all saved data

Platform: Ps4*
Steps to Reproduce: I had played the game for acouple hours. I had a gold .50 cal. The game froze and crashed. I sent in a bug report. I restarted the game. It froze before the menus and crashed. When I turned the game back on all my saved progress was lost.
Host or Client: walleftw
Players in your game:dude3103030**Specifications:I just lost around five or six hours of gameplay. But mostly I lost a .50 cal wepon and I really want that back. To the point where i don’t want to continue playing this game if I dont have the gun I earned. **

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Tbh im more interest in where u got a 50 cal by playing only 6 hours. Ive played 9 hours and im not past the archipielago yet.

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I ran into the middle of the map and was killing the tuffest guys the game had.

Ok then… how come u managed to stay alive the whole time?

Dude I was just playing shikero. You give me 20 revives and a bunch of explosives that one hit big guys and I’m goin in and winning.

Also I had a teammate. I went 5 hours or something without even going down. I got that sniper before I had ever had to use adrenaline.

It’s nice someone isn’t ignoring me.

So really all you lost was the sniper rifle? You didn’t do any missions or anything?
Doesn’t seem like a huge setback.
I don’t have that sniper rifle yet and I’m like 30 hours of gameplay in. To me, the game is more about the journey. Nothing in me wants to sprint across the map to end game stuff and skip everything prior.
To each his own I guess.

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  1. Explosives dont one hit. 2. Explosive ammo is very scarce and im looting everything. 3. I find it highly unlikely that u didnt use a SINGLE adrenaline shot before getting the 50 cal which is in the middle of the map and you got it from killing “Big guys” 4. From my 9 hours of game experience i belive weapons can only be found through the map and in weapon crates, not gained from enemies. 5. Youre explanation leaves too many questions and suspicious points.

I did missions. I played for a quarter of a day. I get alot done in vidogames as u can tell from my loot. It was not just a sniper. It was all my safe houses. It was all my other guns. It was a restart to everything. When I go to the title screen it says “start new game” and it starts a new game.

Find it unlikely all you want. I get those big guys to stop on an explosive barrle and most of the time they die immediately. I have a guy that will happily back up everything I just told y’all. I’m not hear to argue about facts. I’m hear to resolve the worst bug problem I have ever had in a vidogame.

First you said u lost 5 or 6 hours of gameplay, now its a quarter of a day? Wanna choose on a story? Im actually interested if golden 50 cals are even a thing in this game. Ive tried, the big guys do not die from one explosive barrel, they die from 2 Rocket launcher shots though. Im not arguing, im just saying your story is hard to believe unless u actually choose a story to stick with. Plus the game was realeased like 3 days, there are bound to be issues, instead of spamming your post everywhere id wait for a bit since the devs have a job that doesnt mean that they will always be looking at bug reports and issues. They have a lot of stuff to do im sure. Im sure someone will answer u just wait.

6 hours is a quarter of a day. Go away.

Walleftw you are funny :joy: your right about quarter of the day though

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Big robots may die from bomb early on , cos i thought they evolved over time , by time i got to them my friend was shooting i was kamikaze with bomb and revive , seemed to work

Using the same meta ( I just didnt want to say it) :stuck_out_tongue: it’s easy when someones up front with all the explosive and heals

Im tired, dont judge.

No worries mr , every one have a nice day

Your the one making massive judgements off of inferior knowledge

I payed for a game that is the worst most buggy game I have ever had and iv been playing games since 1996. Who are you to try to argue with the validity of my verry depressing issue.