I'm fed up with this game's bugs

When it came out, it was best to say decent early-access game. But they asked for a full price on a game that is constantly crashing.
I promptly rage quit this game when there were number of people on discussion say “I’m working perfectly, it’s your PC fault.” kept coming out.
I practically bought a PC for this, and tried this on various other PCs to test that theory only to find out it shows same issues.
I quit this when Fnix rising came out, so it has been 2 years. I came back hoping the devs have finally fixed all the issue.

Now there are new bugs added in the mix, save file corruption. Right off the bat the 90 hours worth of gameplay just evaporated. After fuming in rage I took the advice from other commentors and made a backup saves every time after finishing the game.

Yesterday I played for about 6 hours, did 4,5 missions, and leveled up. And I CLEARLY SAW the auto save sign. Quit the game normally, and made the backup like usual. Guess what happened when I started the game 5 minuets ago?
THE 6 HOURS IS GONE. Most infuriating thing is the Resistance quest is still keep track of previous gameplay.
So, basically even the auto-save is just a bullshit.

The game itself is really good, but all this enraging bugs and DEVS WHO SEEM UNABLE TO FIX ANY OF THIS SINCE DAY 1 has made me lost any enjoyment or trust towards the game and the devs.

Oh, yeah, the crashes? it’s still there. EVEN AFTER the devs SAID they had fixed it, and even 2yrs after that.

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Sorry to hear bout you losing progress. I’m not sure why that would happen in the first place, 6 hours of gameplay is a lot. I’d be pretty pissed off too if that got lost.

I’m on PC too, but I’ve never had that issue myself. I too have played the game on multiple PC’s (installed myself) and the problem never occurred.

This sounds to me like the game isn’t necessarily to blame, but rather something to do with Steam. Is cloud sync on? I tend not to use it because it doesn’t always work like I want it to.

Can you give some more information like, PC specs etc? Are you using any mods?
I want to try and get to the bottom of this.