Im looking for a location in Generation Zero

So I’ve been looking for a place for but i can’t find it only describe a few things looks a horse stable

2.On the 2nd floor looking outside is a radio surrounded by destroyed portotype runners about 6 of them. Looking like a ambush

  1. The building a cross from it has cement bags as cover

Can anyone tell me or give me a lead on where this location is

Do you mean a stable that has 6 smaller stables on the first floor inside. Those stable all are partly white on the outside. If you mean a Barn than we can eliminate those big stables.

I think that is the stable at the far south west of Stillsjon. The runners are outside and the radio was on a pallet. The cement bags are on the roof of the double garage.

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Sundgard, southeast of tyloveden, forest region.
At least that was my first thought.
But a double garage? :thinking:

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Yes that’s the one. 751, -1941


Yes that’s it thank you I’ve been looking for this to take some screenshots

Cool. Nice ambush scene. Bu it was @GeekyDeaks who should get the credit for remembering the place. :grinning:

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Yeah, there are those single and double ones. Mostly red building that can’t be entered. Some even have a chimney.

Yes the double garage has the cement bags

Thank you for taking the time to find this for me

No worries, my friends and I stumbled on it about a week ago so it was easy to remember. It’s these little things that are keeping the game interesting for us

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I love environmental storytelling It’s kind of like a puzzle

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I updated the Memory Map with this little gem.

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I know…
I just didn’t remember a double garage at where I thought the scene was.

I just walked by this one. :grinning:

…While looking for the gun at broängen? :wink:

Just ask in this topic for the location of the elusive Broangen weapon and @SR_Carni (dev) can tell us where it is exactly. Maybe during a live-stream show us where it is placed. :rofl: