I'm not getting drops

I’ve been having an issue with my friend dropping me a weapon when he gets a second one of it and when I grab it, it’s not in my inventory or storage box. This is kind of minor as I can farm weapons myself but it’s a big let down when it’s free.

I have even tested it to be a very minor bug by quitting and reentering the game, to no evail.


Which system do you play on?
Which version of the game do you play (with or without DLCs)?
Which weapon is the topic about?

I am on Xbox Series S, I am playing with DLC installed and the weapon currently in question is the Älgstudsare

Hey @Madchaser so update on that. It’s odd, Guns I receive are not appearing in my primary inventory slots but when I go over to the “all” section they appear. IS that supposed to occur? Just seems odd.

Screenshot please. What do you mean with your primary inventory slots?

  • The weapon tab in inventory? Filters used?
  • The weapon wheel? You have to place it on a slot there manually.

Oh, one more:

Seems you’re new to Generation Zero.
I recommend not to take every weapon you get by others. If you don’t grow up with the game, you have the risk that it’s getting boring fast.
Especially you shouldn’t grab any experimental weapon unless your character is above level 25.

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The primary inventory slots are for equipped weapons. Try equipping the Älgstudsare and see if it shows up.

So what I mean is especially with that last edit part. The weapon grabbed by a player who dropped it didn’t show up in the primary slot, it took some looking but it showed up in the “all” inventory.

I found it odd it wouldn’t show up in primary inventory.

Also I am level 32 as of writing this reply.

As stated not to keep repeating myself, it showed up in the all inventory not the primary inventory which threw me off

Here are the tabs of the inventory in order:


Primary weapons

Secondary weapons






If you just collected a weapon it cannot be seen in the first tab, as there just are the already equiped ones. It just can be seen in the second/third and in the last tab.

If you equipe it to a weapon-wheel slot, it can also be seen in the first tab.

With those screenshots you can see the weapon is in the all section of the storage. But in the inventory screenshot it doesn’t appear as I had to go to the all section to equip it. I took it out of storage to equip it but it wouldn’t show in my inventory

Look at your screenshot… You have an activated filter for quality = special. Remove the filter and everything is fine.

Well if it was filtering by quality wouldn’t it show me all guns still? 5 star, 4 star, 3 etc etc? Quality should still show me the guns in a different order wouldn’t it? I see what you’re saying, but you would think right?

Filtering isn’t sorting.
Look at your screenshot.
Filter: Quality → special
Means: it just shows everything in that category with 5c quality.