I'm not losing my mind, you are

Don’t you love it when the explosion of a dying bot crashes your game? Don’t you love it when the Reaper’s AI breaks and becomes invulnerable? Don’t you love it when a tank’s body gets sent flying a kilometre away because a dog ran into it before you could loot it? Don’t you love it when shock ammo crashes the games OF THE ENTIRE LOBBY? Don’t you love it when your FPS suddenly drops to 7 and never rises for no explicable reason? Don’t you love it when you can’t unlock apparel schematics? Don’t you love it when you can’t loot a body because it fell into a body of water and swimming is a social construct? Don’t you love it when you hear constant explosions in the distance with no cause? Don’t you love it when the devs fix a crashing issue for ancient CPUs when they could’ve devoted that time to fix the litany of actual issues that plague this game? I love it. I love this game so much. The intrusive thoughts aren’t winning at all.

Boom crash: may be a tech limit from your system, or try turning down graphics.
reaper AI: stop shooting the armor.
Tank: kill runners and hunters first, unless you have a harvester or reaper present.
shock ammo: unoptimised multiplayer, try changing a couple settings, and see “ancient CPU’s”.
FPS to 7: actually do the base assault missions, I believe it tries to spawn the entities for it but can’t.
Apparel: kill rivals, and unlock the previous upgrade tier first.
no swimming: I’d like to see you try to run with ~60kg of gear, let alone swim.
distand bombs: bot vs bot, russians exist.
ancient CPU’s: they’re trying, okay? try debugging 5 year old spaghetti code from ~45 people, then see if this game’s code looks bad by comparison. I promise you, they try. they have a much smaller dev team than any AAA game does, but they at least try. to make the game playable for those with worse PCs. for consoles. they try to keep filesize down. when’s the last time you had a 40gb update file in GZ? or have you even had one? Bungie focus on the stability in D2 and sack playability in a lot of cases, with huge filesize. GZ? small filesize, and actually doesn’t block something behind a full MP lobby (I’m looking at you, king’s fall.) unless the players decide to wait for the whole gang to be ready.

So tell me, are you going to sit there and cry because you can’t run a 35gb game at 500FPS on max graphics? or are you going to acknowledge that they actually try, and be part of the group of people that motivate, that will in the end be what helps them make this game something to be played for decades?



It’s the same for everyone

Just one correction. He’s refering at the broken mission (wrench in the works) that doesn’t complete, but you hear the bunkers explosion all over the map, every time, always. That’s at least how it was reported.

You do realise it’s been Christmas holidays and new year’s, right? Many take that time to be with their families, not working.

Frankly I’m not sure I see the point of this thread. This is a discussion forum, not a blog.

oooh, gotcha. I didn’t know about that, as I have yet to do that mission.

I just can say that I’m full of hope that they will fix the greatest, the game breaking issues again, like they did so often. Well, there will come other bugs surely, but it’s not the first time we had this situation, there will be better times again and it will probably not be the last time.

Maybe I’m wrong here with my optimism. But in the end, both, the optimism and the frustration all of us have, just show how great this game is and how much we love it.

For many other games in this situation at your olace I would have quit, uninstalled and forgotten it.

You can’t max upgrade schematics, me and others I’ve met have said they’re stuck at 4/5. Also how is swimming while under load too unrealistic while taking multiple bullets and explosions and repairing that damage in seconds isn’t? Granted, one is pivotal to gameplay while the other is a QoL upgrade, it still doesn’t mean you can use realism as a shield, especially when swimming has been standard for open world games long before this one released.

Maybe they just didn’t include swimming, because they didn’t want us to be able to swim to other islands or somewhere else where we have to find other ways to get to (there is one secret cave where you need good skills in jumping from rock to rock, else you would fall into water and respawn back at land)…

So it’s not a missing ability, but a design descition.

Level the prerequisite. that simple.

Oh okay, let me just get the schematic prior to bullet resistance… oh wait.