I'm taking a break


I think the time has come for me to jump off this train for a while. I haven’t been active on the forum for a few weeks, and lately I’ve had depressingly little time to play as well.
Every weekend until christmas will be spent hunting, and when The Outer Worlds releases in october I’ll be gone anyway, so I’m gonna’ give Generation Zero some time to grow, and I’ll definitely come back to it in the future and see how the game has evolved.

You guys in here keep up the good work, and let the dev’s know what you want. :blush:

See ya!


Well, you can hop on the forums whenever you want, no-one’s forced to visit here :stuck_out_tongue: Hunting sounds cool, so I wish you a safe and successful season. But yeah, it can be nice to come back in a while and check on the game, I do that with other games on occasion. So, have a good one :slight_smile:


I’ve been on a break from the game myself since around halfway through July. Started out because of game issues but other things stopped me from getting back in. I played around a little to test some things after the latest update but haven’t fully got back in yet. I keep checking in here though. Need to keep that regular status active


If you see any robots in the woods - shoot first…


Taking a break. Not because of the falling through the world issue or the other little glitches because you get them in any game if you look closely enough. Not because I do not have the skills to complete some of the challenges (The cycle ones just do not interest me). It is because I am fed up killing machines and not getting the tier 3 clothing specs. I keep getting 5 and 6 star. For most of the clothing I have this gap which I just cannot seem to fill. Plus the Reaper is not that exciting for a single player. Snipe off the shield generators then go back again and again teasing it so that it generates lots of explosions until it blows itself up. A tedious but effective way of getting a load of ammunition. See you after I have replayed some other games.