Immersive world and machines

A while ago there was an military tank standing on the F23 Överby air base airfield right next to the shotdown airplane. Now he like so many things is gone. It made sense that the machines would guard such an place, but now they are scattered around and entering those areas arent risky anymore. Same goes for all other miliary installations.

The first time you enter an bunker complex that bunker should be filled with ticks and runners. (which in most cases is true). It should be dangerous to go there and after clearing that area at least the inside should be machines free. Outside is a different story. I think seekers, runners and hunters should still visit those places. Maybe a few runners even entering those big bunker doors (they do have cards spoiler), but the inside should be mostly machines free after you cleared it.

All the high value targets should be guarded like crazy by the machines. The cities should be patrolled by runners and tanks, hunters should be outside the world and looking for survivers and seekers should look out and control huge areas. The main streets should be patrolled by tanks from time to time. But there should always be tanks around those military installations.

That area should be patrolled by military hunters and I dont talk about the usual 2 of them sitting outside at the harbor. Also military runners. There should be ticks inside too (btw. why did you remove them?) Cause of a more undergrund facility there isnt really space for a tank. (Thats why there are hunters).

Military Compound (West of Muskudden):
Enough open space for 1 military tank and at least 2 groups of military runners guarding that area. No hunters (cause those are needed elsewhere).

Norrmyra Artillery Base:
Enough space for 2 fnix tanks and 3-4 groups of fnix runners. Also some fnix seekers controlling the streets and the outside area of that base.

FOA Facility Military Base:
Not wanting to spoiler, but at least one fnix tanks makes a lot of sense there. One group of fnix runners inside. Seekers and hunter patrolling outside the fence. But it could be to hard for new players, so maybe just one fnix tank and the random encounters would be enough.

F23 Överby Air Base:
Put that military tank back on the airstripe next to the shot down airplane. Makes sense cause he shot down that airplane right? Also at least another military tank standing and guarding at the north gate. 2-3 groups of runners patrolling the inside of the air base and seekers outside the fence.

ANL 129 Viggohem Airport:
That small “backup” airstripe in case of war emergencies. I think cause of the nature of that airstripe a group of fnix runners and 1-2 groups of fnix seekers would be nice.

Torsberga Fort:
Again where did the military tanks go? There should be at least 2 groups of military runners inside and one military tank guarding outside at the entrance of the fort.

Saltholmen Naval Base:
Well its in the starting area, so it could be to hard to put something big there. But I say a group of military runners and maybe 1 military huntere there. After all the prototype machines it should be the first time you get scared.

For the cities ingame:
I would suggest to have tanks and runners patrolling them. The open lands should be a place to find harvesters. The streets should be used by tanks and runners. The wilds by seekers, runners and hunters.

That way the game would be more immersive and more dangerous and visiting those place could be more risky and you might better avoid running on streets cause of those tanks walking around. On the other side walking and hiding in the wilds could be dangerous too. Cause of those hunters.


You are right.

As of the latest patch and the Oktober update before it, the world seems more empty…
Even more so after finishing the game storyline.

Saltholmen islands seem almost deserted now.

I’d love to see more random patrols.
Harvesters guarded by some more units.

It’s all way too quiet now.

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spoilers. Well we did blow up the machines factory. So maybe thats why there is no machine left :wink:

But again we all know that “he” isnt dead “he” uploaded himself and is on some kind of backup server in a undisclosed location now guarded by fnix machines. Also there is another undisclosed factory (maybe future dlc) on one of the not yet opened islands and it should be another deep underground complex.

I haven’t destroyed any factory yet, but already the first region seems kind of emptyish.

I have to agree, the world feels more empty after the story missions, there are so many villages and towns with no enemies, see Ostervik, it`s enormous and usually you have only some runners, a pack of hunters and 1 or 2 tanks, we really need more enemies in the settlements and all bunkers that are not a Safehouse should spawn enemies from time to time, my best combat memories were at the F23 airbase and at Torsberga Fort before being cleared of enemies.
Military installations and Settlements should always be guarded by enemies, i hope one day they implement this, it is already such a fun game, could be even better.