Immortal Entity

Platform: PC

Description: I was playing with my friend Wolfram and during a fight against multiple Hunters and Runners Military a Runner runs around the field. He got aggro into me and could cause me damage by dashing into the player, but Wolfram was not able to see the runner walking around. I shot it multiple times trying to destroy it’s canister but not even a .50 cal could kill it either a rocket. I have a video with a short demonstration about the runner.

Steps To Reproduce: No idea, it simply was immortal when I was trying to kill it.


Host: Wolfram

Players in your game: Wolfram and KillerT800

Specifications: AMD Rysen 5 2600 | 24GB Ram | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti | WIN 10 x64 BIT

I think it’s another variation of this bug: Unkillable Runners stuck in walk animation loop

Yea just simply he was aggressive to me and my friend wasn’t able to see it at all which is rather weird.