Impossible 2 get a true 100% completion

impossible 2 get a true 100% completion, areas with 3/2, 4/2, 2/1, and also the companion 0/1 in areas that I can’t do anything because the mission is already done :+1: either way :grinning: the game is still fun and I still play it

I had every mission and every weapons at every location that showed there was a weapon. Then the map has been edited so much that I don’t really care what the area icon pops up and says. They are never a weapon I haven’t already got and at best I would need to pick it up and drop it just to clear the icon message to state 100%. Did I mention how I don’t care?

It has nothing to do with anything that is tracked in the stats so…don’t let it bother you.

i remember when Loot use to be a thing, ( Loot 4/61 ) now that was annoying lol