Impossible "aim"... Marksman Active Skill corrupted? (PC)

So, finally became level 31.
I focused FIRST on Marksman as I am a pure gunning combatant.
And even with Marksman active, the weirdest things happen to me.

Just now, I ran to a dog machine.
Straight at it.
Marksman is COMPLETELY filled in and active.
Atop, I have nigh all Vanguard skills “bought”.

I am about 10 meters away, dog machine dead-aimed, I fire my gold A4 fit with gold Barrel Extension and FMJ ammo.
About 60% of the rounds… miss?
At that range, with nigh full Combat skills and Marksman active, having fitted the Barrel Extension… I miss!
How can this be even possible?

Marksman is active.
I see a seeker.
About 60 meters away.
I aim my gold A4, fitted with gold Barrel Extension and gold 4x8 rifle scope, I have seeker dead-aimed, I fire in Semi mode, and the bullet… misses.

Marksman is active.
I see a Hunter in the distance, not even 200m away.
I swap to my gold .50, fitted with a gold 8x16 scope and AP ammo.
Dead-aim at the Hunter.
First shot, a miss.
Re-aim, dead-aim.
SECOND shot, a miss.

With all due respect, if you have near the entire Combat section “bought” with skill points, having the ENTIRE Marksman Tree active as Active Skill, then this CANNOT be possible, in my humble opinion.

PLEASE fix or revamp this Active Skill, so that when I aim at whatever, I would actually hit it?
ESPECIALLY when below 150m?

Thank you.

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Not only this… Sometime I will be 30-40 yards away with hunting rifle with 8x scope and be dead on center and I can see my rounds explode when the leave barrel… This is a glitch that needs to be fixed I even have full auto gun and they all explode in barrel and I can tell because I’ll aim at ground and no marks from bullet. Also, please fix being able to shoot through ALL windows highlight all!!! Some shacks you shoot through window and it acts like it hits wood and you cannot shoot through it at all same with some windows in houses (Xbox one x)

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This report is xbox. I noted the same issue and isnt just one bunker. It happens frequently. When you shoot the "window " to bust it, it shows wood chips flying

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@Kmoney059 Excuse me, but would you be so kind to edit in your game platform?
Thank you.

@DelphiRogue Excuse me, how does this relate to aim or bullet trajectory?
I suggest you make a new post, this, to me, seems a graphical error on it’s own.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Done added platform to the og post

@Kmoney059 Thank you, my friend. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! Will do. Was just expanding on OPs comment. Will relocate.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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