Improvised defensive weapons

Generation Zero relies heavily on repurposed everyday items used as improvised explosives and distractions. I’d like to see more of this, particularly last resort close-range weapons. A chainsaw, for example. It could take out a runner’s vision or firepower in close quarter situations. If equipped, it could also inflict damage to the enemies when you get charged by tics or runners. Chainsaws are obviously not made to cut metal, so the blade and chain would deteriorate rapidly and break, though spares could be found in sheds. You could potentially sacrifice a fuel canister to refuel it, as well. Also, chainsaws are awesome.

A small or medium sized axe or sledgehammer that is easy to wield could fill a similar function, albeit with less complicated mechanics and less damage. I like the tactics and stealth gameplay in GZ, though the tougher enemies later in game more and more often put me in situations where I’m cornered and out of ammo and distractions. A “plan Z” weapon for moments where gung-ho is the only tactic that gives you a fighting chance would make these situations more intense. As it is, Generation Zero suffers from a lack of close range defensive weapons IMO.