In base defense, ๐Ÿ˜” trying to lock on the hunter

when playing base defense missions, on Easy, :disappointed_relieved: when a hunter comes out & I try to get quick lock on him with the red-dot scope & take him out quickly so I can get to the other enemies quickly :person_cartwheeling: the hunter wonโ€™t stand still :disappointed_relieved: he continues to run to the corners before shooting, and only then I get a good lock on him with the red- dot, :upside_down_face: I donโ€™t understand why the hunter runs to center then starts running into corners like he confused or somthing, if the hunter would just run there at the beginning, instead of getting 6 feet away from the truck then just to run into a far off corner, lol lol lol

Maybe itโ€™s remote controlled or programmed to Go there and if he gets there, the programming ends and he Starts using his combat AI.