In-game biography's and content


Afternoon all,

Hope those of you that are lucky enough to be playing the DLC are still enjoying it.

In the mean time, I found an image within a character collectable biography ( the yellow folder one’s ) and want to consider using for the next video - but need to enlarge it.

Any ideas?


Any image editing software of your choosing can enlarge the image. Even MS Paint can do that. However, you’d loose image quality due to this.


Yeah problem is that I need the source file to be better quality.

I know there’s a back door into subfolders using the thing we know. I thought maybe pull the image direct from there. ( oh and BTW - can also pull schematics for 3D printing )


You have two choices:

  1. Enlarge the source image and loose quality due to this.
  2. With source image as a base, draw a larger image from scratch in bigger ratio while filling out details (edges) for better quality.