In game consumables "PERK "SHOTS"

Hi there!! I would like to know if people are interested in beeing able to use Perk Shots that would induce you for a x ammount of time with a perk you dont have or a perk wich could double for a certain x time.
Like a 10min real time perk to be able to shoot with more damage (for situations like beeing sourrounded by lots of Hunters), or to be able to be less visible for the machines, or to be able to dodge bullets…you know, stuff like that.
I have been playing this game for a long time and i wouldnt mind to find a new consumable in the world. Same as adrenaline shots, but different.

So like magazines from the older fallouts?

I, personally, don’t like the temporary magical abilities in GZ. There are so many games out there that have them and to me, it’s nice that GZ doesn’t have any.

Btw, “perks” as such, are permanent bonuses and usually progressively unlocked through experience points. E.g like the skills we have. What you speak of, is a “power-up” since those are temporary bonuses.


No not really, more like a consumable with a different ability

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You have a point. But for the sake of making a fight more explosive and engaging it would be nice. So lets call them “Power ups” as you said.
A power up that decreases fire damage
A power up that decreases bullet damage
A power up that decreases visibility.
Maybe just Power Ups that dont encrease your damage output but defend you from taking it

If it was an available Specialism - then it may have weight. Considering the Vanguard offers a 25% boost resistance - this is the closest you will get given the current state of the skill tree.

Besides Vanguard specialization, there are also clothing resistances we can craft for additional “buff” and switch them out as desired as well. E.g bullet resistance jacket, explosion resistance shirt, visibility reducing pants and noise reducing shoes, all at once <- all that is possible.

But to make combat into more engaging, we’d need bigger tactics pool for the machines (aka smarter machines). :thinking:
Many of us already know the entire bag of tricks machines have and it eventually gets boring. :unamused: However, if devs would introduce new tactics machine can use against us - now, there’s something new and interesting. :star_struck:
Also, if the machine tactics pool gets big enough, they may not use them all against you in the same battle. Instead, it would be random and you’ll never know what kind of tactic the next runner/hunter pack is going to use against you. It spices things up quite a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, that said by you about machines having more skills or tricks would be very very VERY nice, but I’m still thinking about those shots…what could be done🤔…
I hope the Devs cought our conversation :wink:

Me personally against this kind of items in GZ. Wrooong setting. Fantasy(TES and Blizzard’s stuff)? Post-apoc w/ machines and muties(FO)? Sure. Alternative 20th century (Wolfenstein series, war scenarios)? Depends.
But not in “alterantive 80s”. It just… feels wrong.

Well, as Aesyle said, all defencive effects are achievable with apparel and some offensive needs some finese from player (including dodging bullets).

yes i agree, and it is more of a survival game if you need to find your ammo yourselfs

well maybe it fits in COD zombies or something but not in gz, then it whould just be boring, instead of finding your own ammo you just drink something

and the tone of the game is suppose to be dark and cold, not magical drinks and rayguns and infinite ammo


Ill rest my case. :+1: thanks for advice