In-game Issue, need of help/explanation, main mission issue

In-game Issue, need of help/explanation, main mission issue.
My Platform Xbox one.
Steps To Reproduce: no steps just following the mission objectives regularly.
Images / Videos: yes uploaded screenshots.
Host or Client: Public hosting, only me today but in the past few days even with other players on it is still the same.
Hello, just reporting something not understood to me, I finished all the objectives in the Flying Objects Log main mission and in map all that was requested and needed all marks checks in (V) but it appears to remain unaccomplish, also in the game map the icon for Flying Objects mission is no longer there and there are no in-game messages of the mission flying objects details, even if I track or follow or pressing Ok. my username is NickOtmazgin. Attached a video screen capture of the game record.

Welcome to the forum! Please use the forum search on “Flying Objects”. This is a known bug and will be fixed with the next update (very likely). :+1:

Thank you, appreciated.