In Game Voice Chat?

Even tho there is no Voice Chat or even settings for it, there still is a bug that you hear yourself talking and the chat reacting to it by recreating what you just said. I dont have that problem but my Friend has it. When he plays he hears himself in the game and the chat reproduces it in the bottom right corner. Pls make a fix or even bring a offical Voice chat to the game in the next few updates.
If anyone has a idea of how to fix this, here is my discord username pls DM me then (physix6556) or just Physix if the first does not work.
Love the game but this type of bug should at least have some settings.

Uhm… that shouldn’t be possible at all as it needs some speech to text software that sends to the ingame chat what he’s saying… :thinking: Is he possibly using this sort of sw for anything else on his computer ? I really can’t imagine that this kind of behaviour is related to an ingame bug… :thinking: :thinking:

Btw which software do you use for voice chat ? Hmm… maybe Discord, I guess ?

Just copy pasting my response from Discord to here in case it can help others in the future

Found something of interest, this is a Xbox game bar feature and nothing to do with GZ fortunately. Head to Xbox game bar with Windows Key + G, go to settings - Gaming Features then have them turn off Speech-To-Text. This should fix the problem

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When you like to talk with your friend in game, use Team Speak. I did this years before and it worked perfectly. Because i could hear the ingame sounds and the speak from my companion.

Doesn’t it all depend on the system you use?

On PS5 my mate and me just use the party-voice-chat. Yes, sometimes it happens that we can’t hear each others shots, by overall it works perfectly.

I don’t know which possibilities there are for Xbox, Steam or Gamepass in PC.

Xbox and Gamepass PC/MS Store PC share exact same possibilities as PS, they have a VC in game or you can use a party chat, PC also getting in game text chat and third party apps like Discord. Steam doesnt get in game VC but rather just the Text chat in game with just third party apps for VC options.

And to clarify the problem further, the issue was resolved as it was indeed just an Xbox Game Bar problem. This would happen no matter the Third Part App that was used for VCing since it translates what was said in game to speech for whoever has the feature of speech-to-text enabled

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