In gameplay screen has no color

I stopped playing gen zero several months ago due to a bug to which during gameplay, my screen has no color input. It’s in black and white.
Just installed latest Xbox update and same issue.

When you pause, or open up any menu, the game has color and looks normal.

Any ideas?

Probably your character is wearing the special black & white glasses. If so take them off.

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Nope. This all started randomly fast traveling from 1 location to another, then never went away, unless they did an update to the nose and mustache glasses.

Thankyou Gysbert, that is dumb that this entire time the glasses did it. It wasn’t always like that wearing them.


No shame in that. We get this question often, so you are not the first. But as far as I know this black & white vision was always a feature when wearing these glasses. There are two more in the game. They give a different optical view.

Since this issue was solved, I’ll close this report and tag it appropriately.