In the face of Adversity - mission Impossible?

It’s frustrating - several attempts and not possible to end this - although I’m riding my bike quite well :astonished:


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Did anyone try yet, if it’s possible to start this mission on motorbike, too?

@Asphodelus: it’s not easy. Just try and try…

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No it’s not possible


I remember Gysbert needed 12 times and motorbike doesn’t trigger the time.

I also remember a vid on this forum from someone who succeeded in ending this mission.
But for me - it’s really too hard. And the game keeps remembering me éveryday on this failure. :rofl:

Si es posible. Tan solo antes de cruzar el primer checkpoint que da inicio al crono, coge tu bicicleta y retrocede un tramo en la carretera para que al cruzar el primer checkpoint ya lo hagas a máxima velocidad, esquiva los saltos por los lados menos el último que es inevitable. No pares ni te caigas una sola vez y llegarás con tiempo de sobra. Al final del recorrido te espera un tanque prototipo.

Please this is an english speaking forum. Pls translate your text. You can use a translator programm like google Translator or Deepl.

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I made this mission and it’s possible to make it. I used uncounted attempts but in one time i made it. Best Tactic is. Walk the path along and clean it from Robots, place a field radio at the start point and then try.

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I once did it that way, but it seemed that most of the robots just spawn, if you start the mission. Like the tanks on the road…

It’s just luck. Either you die because they blocked your path or come through almost dead. Not more, not less.

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If possible. Just before crossing the first checkpoint that starts the time trial, take your bike and go back a section on the road so that when you cross the first checkpoint you are already doing it at maximum speed, dodge the jumps on the sides except the last one that is inevitable . Do not stop or fall once and you will arrive in plenty of time. At the end of the tour a prototype tank awaits you.

I always fail at obstacles :woozy_face:

Why do you place a field radio?

And … I use a trackball. Works fine, but probably not optimal for biking on screen?

To get back fast to the start point at the bridge when you fail. If you had clear the track from Robots before. It takes a time that they come back. So you have more chances to drive without beeing attacked. The most important thing is “speed”. The bot suse some time to aim on you.

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This mission was bugged for a long time but it was fixed more than a year ago…Did the updates break it again like a few of the other missions that were bugged, fixed and breaking again after an update?

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Hope not! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The only unavoidable obstacle is the last overturned truck that you have to cross through its crate. The rest of the obstacles simply overcome them by surrounding the trunks. Start the race at full speed and never stop or look back.

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I Tried Several Times :smile: