In the Face of Adversity on PS4 is actually impossible

There are several reasons that this mission is impossible on PS4.

   1. The bikes have some input delay when turning
   2. The mission the area makes you go through is laggy as crap, which the mission timer isn't proportionate to, giving you even LESS time than you already have
   3. The last checkpoint is WAY too far away to reach on a bike
   4. There are several machines in the area you go through that can get DIRECTLY in front of you in the LAST minute, making you crash into them
   5. All the ramps actually make you slower, as the bikes don't have ANY velocity. So when you use a ramp, you just bounce off the ground after using it.
   6. You can't use field radios, as they force you off your bike
   To all that are trying to get the complete set of resistance clothing on PS4, you might as well give up because this mission's complete bullcrap.

As someone thats done it on PS4 several times, heres some advice. When you first activate the missions most of the machines will spawn in allowing you to go destroy yhem for a clearer second run of the mission. For the ramps, your best bet is tryibg to line it up accirately as possible from distance then as it becomes more clear where the ramp is perform some final adjustments. When the it comes to final part, the best bet is to just cycle without stopping unless slowing down to avoid collision with the cars at the hangar in the hill spot.


Tried all of this, still got 50% to the third checkpoint soon after the timer ran out. Didn’t pause, open my inventory, nothing. I’m telling you, that frames drop screws it all.

Full squad, position each member at a different gate, kill the mobs, then restart the run when everyone is set to ride through their gate. Hit them in order as soon as the AI Director updates the quest to the next step. One, two, three, four, done. Skip the jumps, ramps, and nonsense. Remember: Gate 3 is near a safehouse. And you have 2 minutes to fast travel to it once the first gate is tripped.

It’s not impossible
It’s just so hard It’s barely fun and it requires an insane level of patience.

The bugs make it so much worse though, thank God I beat it before this mess of an update.