Incorrect Region

Platform : PC

Description : When I played mission Over and Out I encountered that I am at Farmlands region, obviously I am only at Archipelago region.

Steps To Reproduce : Go to location where is radio tower on mission Over and Out

Images / Videos :

Host or Client : Singleplayer

Players in your game : Only me

Specifications : Not Neccesary

You probably have your cursor outside Archipelago Region and in Farmland region.

Is it possible to move the map without moving the cursor on PC?

The black rectangle with region data shows the data of the region where the cursor (mouse pointer) is.

No, I have cursor right on the player as if you took screenshot the cursor wont show on the picture


I checked it and you are right it does it on my map as well. There is a small area that changes to Farmland region. :coffee: