Incorrect Weapon Stats

PC, Steam

Some weapons appear to have either incorrect UI stats or incorrect actual stats:

Kotenok 4C vs 5C
S21 4C vs 5C

I haven’t checked every tier of these weapons to see if there’s any other inconsistencies, but from memory in each case the 4C is an improvement over the 3C. After using the 5C tiers, they do appear underpowered, as it takes many shots to destroy a runners’ fuel tanks.

Steps To Reproduce:
Acquire 4C and 5C tiers of weapons and compare stats.

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Windows 10, Intel i7-2600K, 8GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1070!


The 5 crow kotenok has less damage and handling than the 4 crow version. i play with Geforce Now and solo.


Did you compare their damage output ingame?
(try not against a machine, as the dealt damage depends too much on where you hit them)

Maybe just the stats screen is wrong.

Merged reports covering the issue.


I thought the same thing, perhaps the damage is being applied in the game correctly, but might be an error with how the UI is displaying the stats. As there’s no number display to the stats, there’s no way to tell from our end if it’s simply a UI issue or an actual handicap on the 5 crown weapons.

While I understand the devs being opposed to moding, this is one of those situations where it would be interesting to see a side by side comparison with some sort of modded UI that was capable of showing the numerical stats on the weapons as opposed to the bar graph style display. That’s not a knock on the devs for their choice of display, it makes sense with this game having multiple language options, so every little bit you don’t have to translate makes their lives easier. Also, I am in no way criticising the devs for being opposed to moding. God knows that putting anything together is already complicated enough without having half a dozen dogs, kids, or moders rampaging through the metaphorical house.

Any chance you could find out and shine a light if this is a preformance issue with the weapons or simply a UI issue? My curiousity is dragging nails on a chalk board in the back of my skull while hoping to hear an answer.

Well, I guess there is a way to find out from our end, it would take a ton of recording and examining the results for damage numbers, damage fall off due to distance, etc, etc.

Painful, expensive on time and coffee, but possible from our end.

You could try destroying these large gas tanks or cars and compare how many shots you needed. Should be compareable.

I’m just wondering why the value for handling is so much higher. What’s counting for this value?

If the devs address this issue I’d imagine they’d also investigate whether there’s discrepancies with the actual damage numbers and cross-check other tiers for consistency. Fingers crossed.

There have been similar issues in the past, where the stats card displays the wrong stats.
It could simply be a case of that, but it is worth investigating :+1:

Never hurts to ask, and thanks for taking a look into it!

Not entirely sure if this counts as a bug report, however it’s an incorrect stat. The 5 crown/gold Kotenok rifle has lower damage and handling than the 3 crown/blue version. As well as the 1 crown/gray kotenok having better handling than the 3 crown/blue. I’m not sure if the damage preforms differently, but the handling seems to be superior on the gold, just the stat itself is incorrect. I have yet to determine if other DLC weapons have this issue.

Yup, the community is already well aware of this issue, there are multiple posts. One of the admins will probably merge your post into the original post of this type, just a heads up. It’s an issue that the devs have acknowledged that they are aware of it and it’s on the list of things to get fixed in a future patch, but thanks for bringing it up all the same. =)

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And thus, it was moved.


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Side note, the M16 doesn’t benefit from the trigger happy perk. Does the same amount of damage whether in semi, burst, or full auto.

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This is still an issue, 7 months later.

Yup, still there. It’s a shame too, as I can’t imagine it being particularly difficult to adjust a handful of values to correct this. Fingers crossed it’s resolved in the next update.