Incorrect Weapons When Switching Characters

Platform: XB1X

Description: I’d joined a multiplayer session as Character 1 (Lvl 31) eventually the host disconnected and I got kicked to the main menu.

Then after failing to find another session I switched to Character 4 (Lvl 28). Once in-game I noticed that Character 4 had a KVM equipped, which he shouldn’t have in his inventory, but that the “label” said it was an Experimental PVG 90 (which he should have).

I toggled the weapon and it showed the Experimental PVG 90 in slot 2, with the label “Sjöqvist Semi-Auto”

I opened my inventory, and everything looked as it should, but going back to the game my characters load-out didn’t reflect my inventory.

Basically Character 4 was incorrectly showing the load out of Character 1 despite the inventory being correct.

Note: The character’s appearance was correct. The outfit etc. was showing correctly. Just the equipped weapons were incorrect.

Steps To Reproduce: After being forced back to the menu when a host quits, change character and start a single player session.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

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