Incredibly Annoying Crackling, Cutting Audio Bug

Been dealing with this bug for a while! One of the reasons I can pin down is being around robots. But there are other times when it happens. I HONESTLY think it’s the game, cause no other game does this, except one, which is Horizon Zero Dawn, but it used to not do that. No other application does this either. It’s honestly getting borderline unplayable due to how jarring and disruptive it is. I can’t describe the sound well, and the website doesn’t allow MP4 files, so that sucks. But essentially it’s rapid crackling/cutting audio. It’s very rough on the ears.

have you tried to update all your drivers, it can sometimes cause issues for specific games

I get this after I take down a huge base attack or a decent sized group of bots(usually Soviet bots). Only way I’ve found to get rid of it on Xbox is to reload the game entirely which I don’t call a solution. Hopefully this gets addressed. This is usually a precursor to my game crashing anyway so I reset of my own accord rather then risk losing unsaved pickups but I still lose whatever is still unsearched. Sometimes the amount of dead bots could have something to do with it who knows since they spawn like mad on some bases.

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Just a video of this (uploaded to youtube) would help to see (or hear) how this issues reacts.

@CyberSpark I can’t imagine how it sounds like.
@B100DB4TH1982 What you described sounds for me like the issue where sometimes after greater battles there suddenly appear those idle sounds of tanks or harvesters. (close/loud)

Neither do I.

Please upload the file to youtube or another file sharing site.

I can tell you exactly what I hear. The reload animation for the experimental rocket launcher. It just keeps repeating the open and close sounds. Best part of it all is I don’t use this gun. Really fun when someone else runs by and you can hear that they HAVE the bug and shortly after they blink off or if it happens to be the host you all go. I have heard the idling sounds before as well but never anywhere near a base FOR ME but I can’t speak for others.

Here’s the video link that everyone’s been asking for.

Also, sorry for not getting back to this sooner, it’s been a busy few days.

I have the same issue from time to time in every session of GZ I play. Also tank sounds where no tank exists. I’m not sure, but I think these are known issues?? Same thing: brief crackling, tearing sounds. I know it’s the game because it doesn’t happen in any of my other games.

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these bugs have been staying for a good time that i had stopped playing and other reasons i stopped playing generation zero.

there is alot of sound bugs i have encountered where it still exists. there is one more sound that it can be explained. when you play assault base mission. sometimes when destroying multiple landmines you start hearing very loud landmines BEEPING noise. it had hurt my ears very badly.

it can piss off alot of people and it can actually hurt someones ears from these disturbing and loud noises.

there are so many problems in this game. but they rarely fix those problems.

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As Carni said in the last stream, the sound issues sadly are not so easy to get fixed. There are many things that stick together or are related with each other and they are still aware of it and investigate on how to solve them.

Can’t you make a video out of it and upload it to YouTube?

One more question:
Do you play with ingame music turned on or off?