Infinite Grenatgevar reload sound

Platform: Xbox One

Steps To Reproduce: (unreliable results), either reload and switch weapons while reloading the grenatgevar(rocket launcher), or just reload it. Sound ends up layering several times and repeats infinitely until you quit out of the session. Very loud and annoying. Other players cannot hear this, fortunately for them. Fast traveling, dropping the weapon, and unequipping the weapon do nothing to stop the noise.

Images / Videos: unavailable in current posting form, will try to get game clip of said bug

Host or Client: Client in friend-hosted game

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: Gen one Xbox One (500 GB edition)

Ah, that may be what is sometimes happening to me on ps4 solo play. It kind of sounds like the reload in a continuous loop. It’s happened now 3 times now. But, with mine there is no sound of the spent round dropping. More of the first part repeating over and over.

Yeah that’s pretty much what it is

Platform: XBOX 1

Description: This post is almost 2 years old yet the issue is still present. In my experience it only happens in a lobby with someone else, and so far has only happened to me when I’m hosting. As said above, it seems to happen when reloading or switching weapons with the rocket launcher, and won’t stop until you quit. I’ve also tried fast traveling, unequipping and dropping it, but these don’t stop the sound. It’s constant, and very annoying.

Steps To Reproduce: Seems to happen when switching weapons while relaoding, but can’t be sure. Always happens to me during combat and I usually don’t notice until it’s over.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: Regular XBOX 1