Infinity life on out dog

First our dog has to die, then go somewhere with the company settings,
before putting on an armor, put your destroyed dog next to you, go to the settings and put on a new armor without restoring his life.

The Dog will disappear, and in 5 seconds he will come back repaired and with the armor.

So what’s the “infinity” part of this ?? :thinking:

Btw it’s working as intended that the pet is instantly fully repaired when putting on a new armor…

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You don’t need to focus spending Repair Kit.
And one level armor is easy to get

I always repair him if he gets destroyed in battle. I want to use him, not to carry him all the time until I get to a place where I can craft/attach armor.


I don’t know if you noticed (Probably not)
but this is a method for those who are starting to play and don’t have so many resources to always make repair kits, and also for those who can’t buy the DLC to have more protection for the dog.
In addition to the dog’s health being very low without any armor.

I don’t play often in general.
Today is my 3rd day after the latest update (not the hotfix).

Since then I just used 4 repair kits on my runner, 3 armors and the last armor I used was the standard 3c armor.

I still have to craft the others. I got a bunch of schematic points, but I like to unlock the standard at first at max level and then the others completly.

What I described currently is my way. I recently did some base assaults with my runner which helped to get a lot of steel to be able to build some armors. And my companion did a great job, but the last max level base finally was too much for him. There suddenly came about 50 military runners out of nowhere plus the base defense of almost never depleting fnix runners and hunters…

Btw I highly recommend the runners rocket launcher.

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Soo you have The DLC?

Yes, I have…

That’s why you don’t use so many repair kits

Why? Could you tell me one reason why having the DLC is equal to using less repair kits?

A way more protection.

@Madchaser Fire protection plus armor protection

No fire protection until now. No additional bullet resistance. Nothing more than anyone without the dlc can use.

It’s good man, that’s enough

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I have the DLC, After the armor was destroyed, I have yet to craft more and put more on. The Runner seems to be holding up good for me. I use my runner as a spotter when looking for machines. Seems to like to stay way behind or runs past and stay way out in front of me. Annoying and its walking noises, annoying. But I needed to take out a hunter rival that spawned where it shouldn’t have. As I was taking out all the hunter buddies around the rival, my Scout was marking and firing rockets at the rival, in its very slow fire rate. But the marking of the rival helped me keep track of it and rival was destroyed. My runner then spotted a few strays and took them out. Then I heard the swarm of tick coming at me. Swissssh! Runner rocket nailed the center of the pack of ticks and all of them sparked, then smoke. Makes up for being annoying when not in combat.

But anyway, you can figure to keep the runner an active part of the squad and your way works for you!

Just wish we had some kind of control of the runner.

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Yes, I think the developers have That improve the AI ​​of the game. Dogs don’t go through trees or climb mountains, they should at least jump, right?
Still their work was good