Interface And Map Suggestions

Ok, this game is FANTASTIC. However, myself, and others that I play this game with, feel there’s some major issues that need to be addressed.

First and foremost, Inventory needs to be addressed, and this is crucial. Where do I begin…

Storage is a massive problem in GZ, so I regularly find myself un-equipping my weapons and ammo, and temporarily tossing them to the ground in a bag to have space/weight while I deconstruct items and organize my storage box. The major issue is, when un-equipping a weapon with attachments, it automatically detaches attachments, and it seems random as to which attachments are detached. If you haven’t railed an eight ball of coke, or downed a bottle of ephedrine, it’s SUPER easy to not realize that your attachments are no longer on your weapon, thus, leaving them prone to being deconstructed in your everlasting struggle to manage storage. I’ve noticed that the scope on the .50 cal LOVES to detach itself, while the mag and IR processor will stay attached. I’ve accidentally crunched a couple mags and a five crown scope for my .50 because I did not realize the attachments somehow got detached from the weapon.

My suggested solution for this, would to program weapons so that if they are dropped, they are dropped WITH the attachments still attached. It’s MUCH easier to remember to take attachments off of a weapon when trading to a friend, than it is to have to reassemble a weapon after dropping it. Implementing a ‘favorites’ feature, meaning ‘starring’ a weapon, would lock all attachments to a weapon so they can’t be dissembled, would be AWESOME. Similar to the favorite system from Tom Clancy’s: The Division.

Next, is inventory.

Inventory is an absolute janky mess. It’s an a nightmare trying to go through inventory when it comes time to deconstructing (crunching) ammo for crafting mats, and, again, if you’re not paying EXTREME attention, it’s easy to accidentally place ammo in storage when organizing your inventory. I also notice that when trying to select ammo from storage, and during the deconstruction process, the ammo types seem to jump around, and get jumbled up, it’s not at all organized, and it’s confusing, not at all user friendly.

My suggestion for a solution for this, is to utilize a ‘check box’ system. Items that will be placed from Inventory to Storage, have a check box, that can be checked, and then multiple item can be placed in storage with a click of the mouse, and vise versa for storage to inventory. Ammo will give the ‘split’ option upon checking the box.

Next, is the map.

It’s a real pain trying to mouse over and select safehouses for fast travel. It’s incredibly tedious to mouse over a location WITHOUT having to zoom all the way in, and CAREFULLY click to select fast travel, this includes field radio waypoints.

Last, and certainly not least, is the item selection programing.

PLEASE, for the love of the gods, fix the item selection process. I don’t know how many field radios I have accidentally dropped trying to consume a first aid ration while in the heat of battle, getting chased by six Hunters, and nuked by 3 FNIX Tanks, lol! The problem lies with how long it takes to ‘switch’ items. When I am getting pummeled in battle, it’s common for me to switch from my weapon to my first aid kits, only to drop a field radio because I’m mashing the mouse button to frantically consume a first aid kit.

Suggestion for a solution, kill the long, drawn out item switch animation. Make item switching MUCH faster. I hear tell of a weapon wheel, similar to Wolfenstein or Breakpoint, coming. That might be much better than the current item selection process.

Other than that, and the god awful Halloween RNG drops, the game is friggin’ AWESOME, and I am loving it.

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