Introduce yourself


I thought that the off-topic section of a Forum was always for, Forum Games, introductions, small talk and shit-chat.

Let’s start with a simple one.

Introduce yourself, are you playing the beta? what platform? what other games are you into? maybe how old you are and where you are from…

let’s try to build a bit of a community here and keep the off-topic forum… yea Off- topic and not full of complaints about issues with the game or that you didn’t manage to score a key yet.

I’ll start:
My name is Doogel, i am an Ex-youtuber, am 38years old, from Sweden and am fortunate enough to be able to play games while i work.

I love all kind of games have been gaming since a looong time and i try everything, mainly survival Games like 7 days to die, breathedge, green hell and other games like that (the list is endless)
i am playing the beata on PC

so the ball is in your court…


Hi my name is Zeph. i recently discovered this project and am stoked to see future progress and maybe snag a key. I started youtube but had potato equipment and stopped. I am 16 and from Oregon, USA. I’ve been gaming since the age of 6 and love these sorts of games. Fun Fact: i find it hard to play with a keyboard and mouse due to a shaky hand disorder I was born with(get’s worse the more I tense)


Hello my name is Chris
I am not playing the beta just very interested in the art style and atmosphere this game uses.
Currently playing Subnautica, City Skylines, and ACO.

I’m from Cali.


Welcome, and i hope you end up getting a key some day.

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thanks dude. me too. :smiley:

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welcome dude, if you enjoy subnautica i can recommend Breathedge, it is like subnautica in space with a great sense of humor.
The art style is great, they manage to hit the swedish countryside in fall perfectly in this one.
i had a brief cities skyline additcion myself :wink:

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Hi I’m Jo from Newcastle UK playing beta on Xbox - gotta say it’s an amazing game - so addictive!! Few issues ATM but that has to be expected- love it!! :heart::heart:


Hi. My name is Moritz
Married, gamer since the 90s, Born in the early 80s.
Former professional soldier in German army and game dev by myself nowadays.

Playing on Xbox one x and totally addicted to the closed beta.

Gamertag: Zealous666


Welcome, and thanks for the introduction

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Hi all, 42, from Singapore (yes feeling old and really having the feels for the nostalgic stuff, watching others play this G-Zero game in Youtube). I play pc games when i get little nuggets of time off from work/family.

Have not tried G-Zero yet (no key), usually playing 7 Days to Die on the pc laptop or Jurassic World Alive on the mobile phone.


welcome if you want to give 7days to die a new flair try the mods “ravenhearst” of “way of the walker” easy to install and tons of fun :zombie:

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Anyone one this post play on Xbox?

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Yeah me and my buddy. Feel welcome to add me: Zealous666
We are looking forward for a new beta since this one is almost finished :-/


hello my name is elric. i enjoy reading, gaming on pc mostly, building computers and watching videos.
i am a father of 2 boys. husband to a wonderful woman. was a pc tech for 17 years.
i read everything from real life crime - comic books. all kinds of movies and tv : star trek to supernatural.
gaming : racing , flight/space simulators, action and fps shooters. wrestling games.

i am excited to see how this game progresses during the development.

hope you all have a good one. thanks for the time. till next time. :grin:


Hi, I’ve added you on Xbox :slightly_smiling_face: My gamer tag is: x BunnyBoiler x

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I’m BiddinWar, 23, pansexuall, living in Sweden but I’m originally from EX-Yugoslavia (modern day Bosnia). Lover of food and snacks, especially chocolate and cookies. :smiley:
Oh, I also do the streamy stream things over on twitch with the same username.

I’m also a very open person about my life, got nothing to really hide and I feel like people have an easier time to be able to relate and or understand me due to this. So if ya got any questions just ask away, I’ll generally answer them.

I’ve also “obtained” RED-GREEN colorblindness through my years, this due to heavy prolonged usage of morphine for medical reasons, which I’ve dealt with since about 2011.

And when it comes to jokes, I’m pretty chill. I personally enjoy dark jokes because they amuse me and I know its not for everyone which is cool :ok_hand:


PinkFluffyBadAzz and i am the mom in a gaming family with 3 kids from 9-22 year old.
I have played World of Tanks in about 4 years and i am executive officer in my clan. That is the only game i ever played before i got a beta key from an awesome dude that got a key to PC that he couldn’t use, so i am a total gaming noob :smiley:
Do stream a bit for fun now and then
Born and raised in Sweden.


I’m commonly known online as Pronto and I’m 18 years old.I’m currently residing in the beautiful country of South Africa. I love hiking mountains and do so every two weeks or so.

I’ve been gaming for six years now and moderating on games for around four or five years now I’ve seen everything from the worst of the worst gaming has to offer to the best and funny moments that we run into as moderators.

I’m in the Beta and I was lucky enough to get into the beta during the time the streamers were able to enter, a streamer offered me a key. I’m playing on the best platform, PC. Other games I’m into is Arma 3 & Warframe, I play a variety of games and I’m constantly swapping between them.

I’ll mention how I got Mod as that’s a bit of an interesting story. It started off back on the steam page before there was a forums or discord. I created a Q & A pre-beta to answer peoples common questions which I expected to be asked a lot, that ended up being pinned. Once the Discord & Forum was up I was constantly answering peoples questions and concerns which ended up with me getting mod ninja dropped on me.


Hey, I’m the Carniv0re or Carni. I played Generation Zero at Gamescom and signed up for the Beta in return for a pin and oh boy, did I not expect that I was in for a treat. I’m really passionate about community and getting to know people, so don’t be afraid to hit me up for a chat! (Please don’t talk about me giving you beta keys). I’m the mod that always has a sazzy answer ready when it’s least appropriate.

Apart from GenZero, I play Borderlands and Warframe.
Get the hype flowing!


Welcome all of you and thank you for taking your time by trying to make this forum a more pleasant place by trying to create a bit of a community.

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