Intrusive Bugs Persist Evermore

-The Fashionista trophy still does not pop.
-Uttern bunker is still glitched where the generator is turned on, mission does not update, and the bunker’s power remains unrestored.
-Stil seen through bunker.
-“New” characters made continue from the exact safe house location and mission progress as main save, however no XP nor gear/weapons.

I believe it was one of the programmers that exclaimed that this was meant to occur. Please send this game to hell. That last patch did not fix the most intrusive aspects that both impede story/game progress and trophy progress. I doubt this game will ever be fixed to meet these two basic needs across the board, at the very least a majority of the players. Sorry y’all wasted your time, and I’m sorry I will not receive my $40 or 60 hours of game time back.

I hate you all for getting my hopes up, although I believe this was never a general intention for your customers.

If any dev’s read this, I would like to request an account deletion. Not playing this game anymore.