Inventory and gametime and experiance is gone

Ive started to play with my friend thats new to the game… And we playd for a cuple of hours.

Iv looted some stuff that i didnt got on my “campaign”. We stopped playing to get a luchbreake. And all the stuff where there… And then we started to play the day after and all the things where gone… So… ??

like 10 h are just gone.

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Can i write it in swedish? My english isnt that good if i will reply to all of those “steps”

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Type it in Swedish into google translate and paste the translation here

If you write the report in swedish, I can translate it for you :slight_smile:


Good man Xezr :+1:t3: Glad you are a mod.

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Think i found the problem. Windows had block GenerationZero_F.exe file to be able to make changes.

But still dosent understand why the game saved the progress for 2 restarts… the third the inventory was thrown back to may 2020, and i lost a lot of hours playd.