Inventory and Inventory Management


Basically no i have to say whats wrong with the Inventory and Inventory management… But its almost everything with the Inventory and the Management that is weird…
Just one problem:
Why does Medikits doesnt automatically stack with the medkits that i equipped?

Sorry for my bad english :smile:


Mind your language. I’ve edited your post to remove profanities.

If you equip a specific type of item in your quickslots, they’ll replenish from the stacks in your inventory. So even though medkits you pick up won’t go in your quickslots (if they’re the same kind) they’ll be added to that quickslot from the separate stack in the inventory.


While we’re on the subject of Inventories - why, oh, why does the inventory move all my kit about all the time? I want the ammo for each weapon under that weapon. The medkits in one place so i can get at them in a hurry when I run out of one kind. All the grenades in one place, all the mines in another. I can’t find solid slugs when I need them in a firefight because they’ve moved and are now surrounded by 9mm fmj boxes and i can’t find them.

Drives me crazy!


I can’t confirm that behaviour. When I place an item in a inventory slot, it staies exaclty where it was.


It’s not as horrible as I also thought at frist! I have become used to it, but there is a trick to it!
I don’t know how new you are to the game, but it seems new players (including myself) often tend to pick up every type of weapon they find, and try to keep a few stacks of ammo for each of them. This leads to an insane amount of stacking, moving around, dropping, picking up, you know how it goes…

You can mostly avoid this by doing the following:
Max out your Increased Carry Capacity skill.
Don’t carry around every type of utility item. Think through what you’re using, and dump the rest!
Carry a maximum of 5 weapons! Sidearm, 2 primary weapons and 2 secondary weapons.
Prioritize room for primary weapons ammo.

I don’t claim to be an expert at this, but here’s a screenshot of my inventory.

I don’t use the sidearm a lot, so I just keep a full stack of ammo in the weapon, maybe 1 extra stack.
I use a shotgun and an assault rifle for combat. I keep around 10 stacks of AR ammo, and around 6 stacks of shotgun shells.
Rocket launcher and sniper rifle are only for occasional uses, so I keep around 4 stacks for each.

So, the trick to avoid the stacking issues is to always after a fight, drop a full stack of ammo into your weapons. When you loot, it will fill up the incomplete stacks in your inventory, until you don’t have room for more. When all your slots are dedicated (and full) the problem solves itself.


Nope - mine completely restacks at random every time I look at it - can’t find anything quickly. It may be that it restacks at random every time I log on. But it does restack - is that just me, or does everyone’s do that?


You are still unable to pick up new medkits even though they could easily go onto the quickslot stack. Instead you have to switch that with one full stack, and only then you can pick up said medkit again.

I noticed something simliar about ammunition - sometimes the game insists on starting a second stack of ammo even though there would still be plenty of space on the “stack” that’s already loaded into a weapon (yes, it’s the same type, not a AP/non-AP thing).

I don’t mind limiting the inventory space, or having to ditch some items when there’s just not enough room to carry everything, but those two examples are some weird design choices and only add some unnecessary inventory tetris to the game.


Yeah, the inventory definitely needs improvement. I’ve heard the devs are aware of this, so we’ll have to see what’s coming. I’m hoping that they’ll disable the need to attach ammo stacks to weapons, there’s a long line of bugs associated with it that I’d rather be without.