Inventory And Loot Management

What do you guys that could make Gen Zero’s inventory/loot management better and more satisfying to use?

A box in the safe house u can save items and ammo that would be so helpful

What a coincidence, I was playing and thought of the exact same thing

So much stuff to pick up I am hope they look into this really fast can’t hold much wepons just in case I have to switch fast

I think that there should be a crafting tab for crafting makeshift attachments, traps and such by recicling weapons and using the parts you get from the robots. E.g: You can craft a timed explosive with a small gasoline tank from the Runners and some circuits

That will also be of great help

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I love this game alot and hope these other players don’t ruin it by thier negativity and have to understand it’s brand new and takes time

People can be stupid and not realize it’s a brand new game release a few days ago and it’s obvious that it lacks content and has bugs. My friend also told me that someone was crying about the game having the same houses and textures but thats so f… stupid because the more texture n’ crap you have the heavier the game is and I also think that the houses are built my modules, correct me if I’m wrong

If you need more inventory space, or play like me (pick up everything and save the good stuff). You can create another character and have as a stash for the things you want to keep, but not use…

Lets say you have 4 yellow weapons, and you only want to use 2 or 3, then put the 4th one and its ammo on the mule character and you have cleared a bunch of inventoryspace :slight_smile:

You can do this by yourself on your own “server”:

  1. Create a character for holding your items

  2. Quit to main menu

  3. Switch character to your main character and it will continue the game automatically
    (3.5 Fast travel to the starting location. This can be skipped, but saves time later. Spawn locations change to default start location when you switch between characters.)

  4. Drop the things you want to transfer on the ground (Do a trial-run first with something useless)

  5. Quit to main menu

  6. Select your second character (it will start automatically) and you should now be close to the start location.
    7.Go pick up whatever you dropped with the last character and see that its all there :slight_smile:

  7. Quit to main menu and repeat from number 3 on this list ^^

I have done this several times. But i dont trust the stability of the game so i drop one item at the time (+ Ammo) so if something goes wrong i only lose one weapon or special item :stuck_out_tongue: Can be done in multiplayer too ofc but if the host drops the server you lose your stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

A real safehouse / stash on a fixed location on the map would be nice though, like “your own little home” :wink: Since the fast travel is so easy to use you dont need a stash in every safehouse (imo), would be nicer to have a “home”, maybe you can choose where it is yourself, or maybe you cant, i dunno what would be the best / most fun :stuck_out_tongue:

At this point everyone probably agrees that there should be stashes or backpacks :smile:
Good to know everyone thinks that way

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