Inventory and looting menu show different weights

When in the menu for looting an enemy, the weight of my inventory is shown as 1 single unit less than it is shown when viewing my inventory from the normal menu.

Did you have your companion in inventory when noticing that?

Could you add screenshots of the weight-comparison with companion in and out?

The companions weight is 1kg as far as I know. Maybe there is a calculation issue of the total weight depending on which screen is shown. Maybe this also is a reason for further issues with the companion. Finally the devs should take a look at that, but please provide more info (system?) and the screenshots first.

Iā€™m unable to attach the video, so I will get some screenshots. I believe my companion was in my inventory, so I will try with it deployed. I am on Xbox One.
Edit: attached screenshots are with companion in inventory.
Edit: it does appear to be a companion issue. With the companion deployed, the weights in both menus match up.

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I know that at times in the past, pre-runner pet, and you was just a unit or so over weight, toss ammo down and pick it back up, good chance you would be just under limit, could sprint/FT again.


Could the devs take a look at that?

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