Inventory backpack vs. item slots

In our inventory we have a backpack and four items for quick access. When picking up stuff it always goes into the backpack slots. Why can’t it top up into the item slots instead? Suppose I have no vacant slots in either the backpack or the item slots. One backpack slot has three simple medkits an one item slot has one simple medkit. Now I want to pick up some rounds, but all my slots are occupied. So I drop the one medkit from my item slot and instantaneously pick it up again. Now I have one vacant item slot and a backpack slit with four medkits. I now move the four medkits from the backpack slot to the vacant item slot and … voila … now I can pick up the rounds since a backpack slot just became vacant. Wouldn’t it be great if that process was done automatically? I’ve spend so much time doing this exercise by hand.


IMHO the UI and Inventory system could use a massive overhaul…
In it’s current form it looks like a ‘once good idea, but poorly executed’.

Tedious and inefficient. Same goes for ammunition management.

Items picked up corresponding with items in the quickslots should top-off the quickslots first.

Agreed. I consider the quickslot top-off feature a pretty low-hanging fruit that should be easy to implement. A better management/auto-sorting system would be appreciated as well.

That’s something that we’ve been asking for from the beginning. Either the developers are being really stubborn on the issue or it is more complicated to change than we realize.

IIRC the devs have already acknowledged that the current inventory system needs an overhaul but it wouldn’t be as easy as one would expect. It’s certainly full of minor inconveniences, no doubt about that.

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On the other hand it is just an awkward feature and not really a bug. I would prefer the devs to deal with real bugs that cause gameplay issues first. I can live with a slightly inconvenient set of clothes and belt pouches. :wink:

Bugs must be handled as a priority. That’s not up for discussion, at least not for me :slightly_smiling_face: But when they get the time, I would like quick-slot top-up to be on the to-do list.

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Absolutely agree with the spirit of that.
That said, the way I got over “OMG, they’re adding a bloody bike when there are still so many annoying bugs in the game” was by reminding myself that someone who might be good at making bike animations might not necessarily be good at fixing bugs. Employees aren’t always infinitely fungible like that.

Fixing the inventory vs adding the challenge system however both seem to involve some code and some design, so … criticize away, I guess? :smile:

Trying to keep the game fresh is all very nice, but personally, and not knowing the actual makeup of the team, I’d settle for bug fixes and the map gods fleshing out some of the outer islands for the time being. :wink:

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Good point! Aren’t we all specialists these days? As I’ve stated before, I believe that we should just throw ideas, requests, bug reports, and positive as well as negative criticism at the dev team. The game might certainly have its flaws, but it remain the best game I’ve played for ages. That should be quite motivating for the devs to know :+1:

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Absolutely correct. From the short time I have been on these forums the positive feedback and surge of good ideas from players far outweighs the negative comments. People are even reporting bugs in a helpful rather than a negative way. If I had created this game and read these forums I’d be totally empowered by feedback like this.


I feel the same about a redesign backpack system. I also think having less ammo and more damage to balance would be nice on less need of mass stacking ammo. Or at least for console. Controls in aim are better than most FPS games on console but I still have a time re aiming in bots when they move compared to a mouse. So almost half my hits are missed. Causing me to use more ammo on small-medium. Large sponge most hits but they seem to armored only non armor modular components so it tend so be spongy. But I feel if they balance damage a bit it would free a few slots.