Inventory changes and other ideas

Hello everyone I would just like to say i have 12 hours into the game already and loving it, but I think that there is always room for improvement. I will just make up a quick bullet list of things I found that could be tweaked.

  1. Inventory is a MESS! When I pick up ammo, which is often, it doesn’t add to the stack that is “Attached to a weapon” but instead takes up ANOTHER inventory slot. NOT GOOD when you have multiple calibers or multiple kinds of ammo of the same caliber. This needs to be changed as I spent almost as much time messing with inventory as I did shooting Machines.

  2. Safe houses need to be SAFE. I have had multiple enemies spawn or surround the Safe house almost immediately after entering. Which would be fine later in the game but when you have 5 robo dogs and a couple mini mech walkers…not much fun being stuck in the safe house after only an hour of gameplay…

  3. Safe houses need a Storage Locker. Much like what theHunter Call of the Wild has. Each Safe house should have a locker that is linked to every other safe house locker so you can get your gear no matter where you are. The size of the locker should be the same size as your inventory. A larger locker should be able to be unlocked, purchased, crafted, or found to be double the size of your starting inventory. Again the game is drastically slowed (in a very negative way) by the fact the game suffers from the same problem as other looter shooters have…lack of inventory efficiency to the point of game breaking!

  4. There needs to be a SCRAP system to break down scopes, guns, and components that are unwanted. This could lead to upgrades for weapons, such as increasing a dilapidated pistol into the next tier up, used I believe it is…This would clear inventory, get rid of unwanted items, reward the player for being diligent in collecting/looting, and allow us to get a leg up in single player as there is no scaling in difficulty.

  5. There needs to be a few NPCs…Traders. A place you can go and trade unwanted items for something useful ie. First aid items, machine components, field radios, etc. Things that are harder to find but may cost you a lot in trade.This could be a way to get rid of unwanted bullets in a caliber you aren’t using while obtaining a caliber that you could use, again at a steep price.

These are my suggestions as I absolutely love the game and the feel it has. I have a lot of hope that the dev team will be very responsive to the community and make some of the changes based on player feed back. Honestly I can see this game being an amazing game if the inventory and safe house locker changes were implemented. Much like theHunter Call of the Wild this game has so much room for expansion in DLC and i will definitely be interested in seeing and purchasing those IF the above inventory issues get fixed. Thanks and have a wonderful day!:grin:


The changing of ammo is really insane as it is now. Sure the inventory overall isn’t that user-friendly in any way, but the ammo handling is the worst part.

One type of ammo stacks in (for example) boxes of 240 per square in the inventory. And that ‘unit’ can be dragged to the gun, out if the inventory.
But to reload that ‘unit’ you have to unequip the current ammo via the guns menu (into your always full inventory) add more ammo to that stack, and put it back into the gun.
So if you have 180 shots left in that 'unit’and have picked up 60 more, you can('t) drag those 60 to the gun, as then the 180 ‘unit’ pops out into the inventory, and the 60 shots into the gun and it’s current ‘unit’.

(To drop a gun, you can’t have it equipped, you have to move it to your (always full) inventory, then drop it.)

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I agree with points 1-3. 4 & 5 You mentioned the time spent sorting your inventory but then for 4 & 5 you want to spend time crafting items.

I prefer no crafting, there are other games that do that kind of thing. I see generation zero as a action/stealth shooter crying out for some multiplayer pvp. Not battle royale but simple old skool solos, duos, squads and capture the flag like farcry 2


+1 for items #1,2, & 3.

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EXACTLY! Thank you for your response and well said!

Crafting isn’t sorting but furthering the progress of my character and giving use to items that otherwise are just wasting system and video memory. In all honesty PVP isn’t something that would be much fun in this game as the game was designed from the ground up to be coop…which is a true rarity these days and I welcomed it with open arms. Just because I disagree doesn’t mean i don’t welcome and appreciate the comments though. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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Definitely agree on a lot of points here. I know many people, myself included, would love to see some kind of storage system in Safehouses. I’m not sure I agree on scrapping unused gear and weapons however. Feels to me like it would just add useless items to keep track of, and that’s the last thing I need right now. Personally I have not had many enemies spawn in or around Safehouses, except the bunker ones. They seem to be swarming with robots. Traders would be nice, but it might ruin the atmosphere of the game, running around with just a small group looking for remnants of the civilization that used to exist there. Maybe some kind of automated system? Like a fortified bunker or house? Or maybe bring in some soldiers and have them defending a trading post I guess, but that goes back to what I said before about the atmosphere.


After playing 24 hours of GZ I would like to add a few more bullets to the list above.

  1. Inventory items Fuel Cells should be stackable much like the EMP devices are. 1 large, 2 medium, and 3 small.

  2. Why is there a pistol 9mm and an SMG 9mm? Combine the two into the Blue Box 9mm and adjust the rate and which 9mm is dropped. It should be easier to obtain than 7.62mm but hard than .32 cal. In other words, fairly common at low to mid level areas of difficulty.

  3. In the inventory clicking on a weapon gives you the menu screen that displays what attachments are currently on the weapon. There really needs to be detailed information on which items are on the gun! Mousing over to the right side where the attachments are displayed should show you what scope is mounted, what ammo is loaded, the magazine size…etc.

  4. First aid system is Jacked up! There needs to be a use time on medical items. In other words get to cover and take 2-5 seconds to apply the bandages…like in popular Battle Royale games…this adds some tactical thinking and is a tad better than spamming the bandage button.

  5. Add a ballistic shield as a primary weapon. This would add mobile cover and provide a unique experience for both the user and the fellow team mates benefiting from said cover.

  6. Holding Shift while Aim Down Sights should steady the shot and hold the breath…much like in theHunter Call of the Wild…should make noise when you exhale to offset the benefit.

Cheers for now, and I would love to hear back from the community what they think and any constructive comments are appreciated. By throwing our ideas out there the dev’s get a better idea of what we as gamers and customers want, and it seems at least with theHunter COTW the devs are really responsive to what we share and ask for. Cheers and happy hunting!

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I will certainly cave into NOT having a scrap system in favor of the first 3 points I made. I think that a trader or traders spread out through out the map would give another reason to explore some of the less traveled to places on the map just for the fact that it might be a dangerous area with no loot worth the risk. Barter would be the name of the game when it comes to trading and i think bullets and gear would be very steep to obtain from the trader but might be a good way to offload 100s or 1000s of rounds of unwanted calibers in favor of a much lesser amount of the calibers you can use.
As far as atmosphere, I love the game’s always eerie emptiness yet that paranoid feeling that you are going to walk into a pack of robo rottweilers at any moment and always using the tree line to your advantage :slight_smile: Yeah I wouldn’t add too many NPC’s for fear of upsetting that balance of creepy and intriguing because you are the only one(s) around. All you are left with is your own thoughts, and that creates a unique game play experience.

Cheers and thanks for the wonderful comment!

  1. A bicycle should be used for transportation. 2-3x faster than running but also makes jangly clanging noises. It could use a headlight like your Flashlight but slightly larger cone in front, and have a storage system of 6 slots (milkcrate on the back) The model is already in the game for the most part and would offer more mobility without being a car or something “over the top”


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Inventory management is tedious and should be simple. Auto assign new med kits if they’re already assigned in my slot. Half of the gameplay is inventory management.


Yeah, auto.stacking should definitely be a thing.

Something I dislike about the inventory is that you can’t see the stats of stuff before you pick them up and then there’s no user friendly way to see the stats of your gun mods once they’re equipped.

Also, when you pick up gun mods, you should be given the option to equip it immediately instead of making space in your inventory, then equip it and then pick your stuff back up.

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Great idea! Definitely would allow for more user input.

Due to historic reasons. The Swedish miltiary had two types of ammounitions for 9mm. The SMG version was to powerful for the pistol used.

But it also adds a bit of game mechanics. You could consider it as ammo-clips instead of ammo crates.

Actually, this is false.

Sweden introduced 9mm ammo shortly before WWII because Sweden had selected the Walther p39 as its main weapon, Sweden’s first 9mm ammo which it designated as m/39. Very few pistols were delivered before the outbreak of war, when Germany ceased exports. Sweden sourced another pistol from Finland as the m/40.
During the 60’s war in Kongo (where Sweden pretty much only used kpists), the Swedish army realized that the ammo was inadequate, so they introduced m/39B, which had a hotter load.
By the 80’s, lots of m/40 pistols were breaking due to the new ammo. The armed forces solved this by first taking out the older pistol m/07 out of storage, and then having trials for a new pistol capable of handling the new ammo, resulting in the introduction of Pistol m/88 (Glock/Klaucke 17).

The police however chose a Sig Sauer model that can’t handle m/39B.

Had the game featured the Sig Sauer or m/40, the game could’ve featured “standard” 9mm and “hot” 9mm ammo, with these guns only able to handle standard ammo, while Klaucke and Kpist could handle both.

But as is right now… it makes ZERO sense. From a gameplay perspective, it ads nothing, it just makes the inventory system even more frustrating.