Inventory Space

Anyone happen to know about the last two rows of inventory spaces? They just have red x’s in the corner, anyone know if you can unlock them somehow or can you just not use them? Like my ammo takes up 90% of my inventory so I can hardly pick anything up without having to drop everything.

One of the skill trees under survival has a ‘carry capacity’ skill. It grants one of the rows for each point you spend on it.



I unlocked that 4th row of my inventory quite early on in the game.
But I still was puzzeled on how to unlock that last 5th bar in my inventory.
By reading your comment (thanks by the way for explaining) I think I might
have a small bugg in my game concerning this.

I attached a picture so you can see.

In my skill tree I can only attribute 1 skill point to the “carry capacity” skill?
Than it’s at it’s maximum as you can see.

I was curious on how to unlock that last row but couldn’t find it anywhere.
Could you confirm that you have actually 2 levels in the “carry capacity” skill.
Just so I know if there is a real bugg in my game concerning this one.

Oh wow. That’s definitely a bug. There should be two circles to indicate that it has two levels. I’d post that one in Bug Reports.

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Thanks for confirming that Vasdema. I appriciate it.
Good tipp: I’ll post this in the bugg section :ok_hand::+1: