Inventory Tab Overlayed When on Map Tab of Menu

Platform: XB1

Description: Me and two other people were finishing up the FNIX rising and were on the last mission of the campaign. I had placed a radio beacon down before the underground portion of the base had blown up, which I then teleported to after it blew up to explore. Which I then opened my map to get out and it had the inventory screen plastered over the map. I swapped to the inventory screen and back to the map, which didn’t fix it. I then tried placing a waypoint on the map, which it also acted like I was in my inventory and I had my second primary weapon selected so it unequipped it. I spammed my ‘A’ button a little more too before I realized that it was actually editing my inventory. Which, upon further inspection of my inventory, it fully deleted two of my experimental guns (I never clicked ‘X’ on the map to have dropped them, I only used ‘A’). I also checked the ground and they weren’t there. I restarted the game and my map fixed itself, but I still lost the guns. I also checked my stash, as a just-in-case, and they weren’t there either.

Steps To Reproduce: No idea, I just went into my map and the inventory screen was overlayed over my map.

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Was in a multiplayer game as a client.

Players in your game: 3

Specifications: XB1 S

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