Inventory tips!

By the way people here are some tips about the now fixed inventory If you find a large fuel cell and already have a small/medium fuel cell in you inventory, swap them out! All of the fuel cell types take up the same amount of space. Ummmmm… Sorry about the lie in the topic title, but you can make it so that no lie will be in the title! Just post your tips here!

Ditch all explosives, only carry ammo for guns you use, limit the guns you use, (i got the ag5, 50, and semi shotty) and max out carry capacity.


I agree with Stetson1818 as for the explosive (ex. landmines, grenades and propane tanks), and the ammo for which ever guns u are currently using.

I know that the Rocket Launcher is a explosive weapon, but I tend to carry one anyway.

I think the small propane tanks damage against tanks and harvester is more or less accurate. They have armor and 2kg of propane isn’t useful in real life against anything like that.

HEDP on the other hand should deliver a better punch.

And they should introduce AP one shot rocket launchers with even better damage.

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large and medium fuel cells seem to be the way to go , i dont carry rocket launcher or propane tanks anymore because of their lack of effectiveness against tanks and harvestors. im sure this may change in the future whilst things are being adjusted.

I’m running with a special AI-76 assault rifle, which will shred most things at short to mid range. It’s super powerful, but it does tend to chew through the ammo. I’ve also got a special Pansarvärnsgevär 90 (50-cal) and Klucke 17 (pistol), which are good for sniping and taking out ticks. I’m hanging on to my worn Granatgevär (RPG) for now, just for old time’s sake.

Most of my supplies are, ammo (especially for the 76), health, flares and fireworks, along with a few fuel cells, grenades, and tick pods for special occasions.

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how do you get a full inventory

Unlock the command bunkers, and farm them when you need to (they refresh every few hours). Since I’ve unlocked them all, I don’t do the entirety of the complex, just the habitation areas.

Do you mean how do you get the whole inventory space useable? It is a skill with two steps. Each give you one aditional row of space. Just study the skill tree and you will find it.

ok thanks for that @Dantec

Yes! The 66mm. Ubiquitous at the time. The load graphic would be so cool.

I’ve taken to carrying a rocket launcher in preference to most explosives except grenades, but I mostly use it to one-shot hunters when I need to take out packs of them quickly (like when a pair of harvesters and a horde of runners are advancing on the horizon). It’s not as efficient in terms of space as grenades, but it is much easier to hit your intended target with, and appears to more reliably kill hunters than grenades do.