Inventory UI needs to change

Hi everyone,

First i want to say Thank you for making a awesome game, the concept, art style, gun handling, difficulty and the enemy AI is all really good, especially the AI, reminds me of wildlands AI a little bit as in it will get unpredictable sometimes (apart from the big bois, they seem to just do the same thing)

My only problem with the game is the Inventory. The latest version is in my opinion and the people i regularly game with is its terrible, it was always a bit counter intuitive but was manageable but the new layout is very frustrating to use and not easy to use (maybe im missing something?) Can we at least have the option for the old UI?

I have 72 hours playtime nearly all in co-op and completed the game once and started again and thoroughly enjoyed every second. Once the new layout was introduced I played for a hour or so but could not get use to it. i have not played it and actually uninstalled it since because it was super annoying to use and made the inventory management a chore and took the fun out of the game.

I’ve been thinking of a game that uses a good inventory management system and to be honest there are not many at all, UI seem to be put on the back burner for a lot of devs and i understand why.
Its like the industries i have worked in all they focus on is numbers and neglect the sale tools of the items which in turn makes things more difficult than they need to be, here is my very crude paint mock up of a system that would benefit user interaction with the UI and make the game feel more flowing

, so what i feel would be awesome is a wheel type system like gta5 but your push a button (not hold or have a toggle feature) to bring it up then can mouse over whatever item you want and assign weapons, ammo, bandages, emps etc on the fly by clicking on it.
For bandages and radios etc it would still assign it to a slot 1, 2, 3, 4 to be used. for weapons you click the weapon you want to use once selected it moves to the center slot then click the ammo type and done; making a delay in changing ammo types/mags etc.

I don’t know much about programming and i know it would be a task but feel it would make Gen Zero much more user friendly.

Hopefully i’ll be back playing one day?


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