GUI and HUD ideas

Could you make the text of ammo type ( FMJ, AP…) bigger in the inventory(text on the ammo boxes). It’s tilted in a away and really small when you look at tv from afar, so that its very frustrating to try to read at a hurry. (atleast on PS4).

And yes another small thing. I would like to change the weapon while aiming when you press triangle and
make weapon change more fluid too it really is a hassle when in combat. Thanks keep up the good work.


So currently the UI feels very simple. It would be nice for it to resemble the setting. It’s also quite clunky with what feels like default UI audio cues. I would love this to look and feel more presentable. I really feel this is the part of a game that is all too often left on the back burner - but it is part of the game that meshes everything together.

The visual guides in the HUD are all a bit obvious. I’ve never really understood HUD mechanics on these kinds of survival games, why would you have one? Where does it come from? Sure, you pick up a HoloLens in the game and then it makes sense. Why not have a compass you need to look at with a map? Does that really make the game out of reach to the ordinary gamer? Another HUD feature that I’m finding quite irritating is the AI’s intention visual - the building white/amber/red arrow. Can the mobs not have a greater variety of animation and audio cues to give us the clues we need? It seems here we’re getting our hands held through a game that feels as though the intention is for the devs to not want to hold our hand but are doing so to comply with standard gaming tropes.

Generation Zero is not really a survival game in the aspect that it’s aiming for that kind of realism. Think of it more as ‘visual realism’, where it looks like everything makes sense to be in the game world, but from a gameplay perspective it’s more relaxed and straight-forward.

The Stealth Indicator, aka the thing that you see when an enemy detects you, can be disabled in the options menu. I like to disable it myself, it makes us rely more on audio cues to locate the enemy.

Have Ammo be changed like firing modes and when you want to equip medkits add a toggle for automatically filling in slots for medkits with medkits. For example you run out of equipped medkits but if you have medkits in your inventory they will automatically be assigned to the slot. And maybe you could choose what kind of medkit you want to be chosen in a certain slot. like in slot 4 i want simple ones and in 5 i want standard ones. Same could be applied for emps. I would love something like this.

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Hi everyone,

First i want to say Thank you for making a awesome game, the concept, art style, gun handling, difficulty and the enemy AI is all really good, especially the AI, reminds me of wildlands AI a little bit as in it will get unpredictable sometimes (apart from the big bois, they seem to just do the same thing)

My only problem with the game is the Inventory. The latest version is in my opinion and the people i regularly game with is its terrible, it was always a bit counter intuitive but was manageable but the new layout is very frustrating to use and not easy to use (maybe im missing something?) Can we at least have the option for the old UI?

I have 72 hours playtime nearly all in co-op and completed the game once and started again and thoroughly enjoyed every second. Once the new layout was introduced I played for a hour or so but could not get use to it. i have not played it and actually uninstalled it since because it was super annoying to use and made the inventory management a chore and took the fun out of the game.

I’ve been thinking of a game that uses a good inventory management system and to be honest there are not many at all, UI seem to be put on the back burner for a lot of devs and i understand why.
Its like the industries i have worked in all they focus on is numbers and neglect the sale tools of the items which in turn makes things more difficult than they need to be, here is my very crude paint mock up of a system that would benefit user interaction with the UI and make the game feel more flowing GenZeroInvWheel , so what i feel would be awesome is a wheel type system like gta5 but your push a button (not hold or have a toggle feature) to bring it up then can mouse over whatever item you want and assign weapons, ammo, bandages, emps etc on the fly by clicking on it.
For bandages and radios etc it would still assign it to a slot 1, 2, 3, 4 to be used. for weapons you click the weapon you want to use once selected it moves to the center slot then click the ammo type and done; making a delay in changing ammo types/mags etc.

I don’t know much about programming and i know it would be a task but feel it would make Gen Zero much more user friendly.

Hopefully i’ll be back playing one day?


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What about players that use a controller?

same applies, you can just use your arrow pad to navigate

No thanks. I prefer the current UI.

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That’s because you’re on console. This specific demonstration has been implemented in consoles as well, How it ends up being is, it snaps to whichever direction you move the stick and snaps around the cells after you’ve selected a side.

In general, the idea is nice and there has been the emote wheel before. I just feel it should be nice and simple. Maybe instead of having such clutter in the wheel, we change the fact of the wheel a little more. 4/5/6/7 quickslots still apply, but you can maybe assign a trait to a slot. 4 is medical items, so whenever I run out of simple meds, it replaces with another type of med packs, because I want to free up the wheel with simpler movement. It makes the clutter a bit less for consoles as well.

For the wheel itself, have the weapons be on the right side of the circle, then it turns in to a line that heads towards the border of the screen, split in 3 cells of the current weapons. Ammo replacement would only be shown for the weapon, if you decided to right click, instead of selecting with left-click.
Ammo count can be seen from the general UI screen out of inventory, so it’s just a bit less cells to go through.
Maybe entirely have these cells heading outwards in straight lines, so you don’t have to let’s say use your stick to the left, selecting ‘Tactical’, then going left, left, down… It’d be just left, left, left. :slight_smile:

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It is because I use a controller on PC as well as console.


I agree the interface for weapon modifications, crafting and storage could do with a rethink as i feel it is not that intuitive.

  1. Could not all of these actions be combined in one screen?
    Currently player has to leave storage screen to go to personal inventory to modify a weapon but if i inadvertently forget to put the mod in my backpack i have to go back from inventory screen and back into storage box to get it and then back in to the inventory to add it to a weapon
  2. Organise the inventory - use symbols and colours to group and easily identify parts for the same or compatible weapons
  3. When modifying a weapon automatically filter only the options that fit that weapon
  • currently scrolling through one big unsorted list is frustrating and easy to pick say the 9mm AP ammo for handgun instead of a SMG
  1. Why does the player have to go into a menu to change a weapon option like a scope or ammo type- could this not be done in game for example when the player is looking down the weapon sight like in Ghost Recon Wild lands. This would help facilitate quick weapon spec changes on the fly without interrupting the game play
  2. Once a part is fitted to a weapon can it be locked so it cannot be accidentally put into storage - i have lost track of the amount of times i have ‘stored’ a weapon part only to forget that was the only one I had and was already fitted to a weapon - yes i know there is a triangular mark on the part to show it is fitted but a more robust system would be nice to stop this accidentally storing fitted parts

Would work if coords either above health or below health.
Wouldn’t have to open map all the time looking for something or if you have a bunch of bots around.

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You can place a map marker on the map that shows up on your hud.
Isnt that pretty much what youre after?

I would like to present a couple QOL ideas for the UI. These are just things that have popped into my head while playing and I wish existed.

The first thing is I wish there was a button at the top of the player inventory lists to switch between simple and full modes. The full mode is what we see now with all the information needed for an item. The simple mode would just listing the item name, quality icons if applicable or quantity if applicable, and that’s it. The reason I wish for this is because when you are loaded with loot and you are trying to switch things into your slots, it just seems to take an unnecessarily long amount of time to scroll through and view everything to find what you are looking for.

Which brings me to my second request.
The assign to slot button and shortcut key is fine… but I would also like to skip a couple steps. I would like to simply highlight an item (of which I can quickly find since my lists are in simple mode) and press a number key for that slot. If it’s the incorrect slot type, then make an error sound or something.

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Merged several topics where players have asked changes to GUI and/or HUD.


I see an issue with this.

If all it takes, to bind the weapon to the slot, is to move mouse over it, to highlight the weapon, then how you are supposed to select the weapon in inventory if you want to add/remove it’s attachments? :thinking:

Since if you were to left-click on the weapon to select it, it would be binded to the left mouse button.

Also, not all people have their weapons binded on the number keys. Some may have them binded to the mouse buttons (e.g when using MOBA mouse).

I meant click to highlight it, not just hover over it.
Those mice let you set the button to be a number key.

Totally agree. Especially with the tertiary slots 4-7 on PC (dunno how they are represented on console) this would come in handy in fiddly fights. I often use different items, more then there are slots. So I need to assign something else after using a certain item.
If I could just click on the item in the inventory and press the according (possible) key it should be assigned to that key. For instance clicking granates and pressing 4, 5, 6 or 7 assigns the granates, every other key has no effect.

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