Inventory/workstation filters

Platform: PC

Description: since the latest 2 updates (eastern weapons & dangerous experiments) I have noticed some improvements to the inventory/workstations UI. Before the updates, it was a tad glitchy, and to filter on the recycling I had to open just my inventory first and filter, and then go to the recycle table and the filter I chose in inventory would apply. Fortunately, it appears this glitch was fixed in the latest updates so now I can filter while in the recycle workstation. However, the filter I choose for each category of items does not save like it does for inventory or like it did before the latest updates. Example: If I filter ammo on chronological, then switch to weapons, then back to ammo, I have to apply the filter again. I do not know if this is a bug or intentional, but it annoyingly requires a lot of extra time in certain cases, and every time I go to the recycle I have to filter at least a few categories EVERY TIME.

It would be great if it saved preferred recycle filters, and did so separately from the normal inventory filters. This is bcuz when recycling, it is convenient to have a different filter than I like for inventory just to see new items that I wamt to recycle without having to pick through my usual goods I carry with me all the time (which sometimes results in accidental recycle of things I want to keep) and without having to reset the filter for recycle and then back for the preferred method for inventory.

Steps To Reproduce: happens all the time after switching from filtered category and back to it, or exiting the recycle station and going back to it. In each case, the filter will be reset.

Images / Videos: no video

Host or Client: single player

Players in your game: me

Specifications: windows 10 64-bit OS, core i-5, 24GB ram, Nvidia 1080 OC GPU, samsung G9 mega-wide monitor.

I also noticed this. Very annoying. Only since Experiments update. needs fixing asap but prob not on devs priority list.