Invisible mines in Multiplayer

Platform: PC

Description: Mines from ApocalyptoTanks become invisible to the players that are not the target

Steps To Reproduce: fight an apoco tank in MP

Images / Videos: NIL

**Host or Client:**host or client

Players in your game: 2 3 or 4

Specifications: varying builds but able to run everything ok thanks

So when we fight apoco Tanks in Coop everyone can see the mine missile launch but after the dispersion the mines become invisible to all but one, we think the person under target, which in duo is usually the same person for the duration of the fight…thus to avoid this we developed a strat that the target takes the incoming mines and distracts until robo death… not ideal as people will still run into a stack of mines that they cant see or hear as it happens
But if were running 3 or 4 then the tank will occasionally target different players causing chaotic scenes of unnecessary deaths .
this has been going on for some time but never reported because we weren’t really that long term invested but now we kind of are and we want the game to improve so now youll get everything we find…and thers a lot…

Thanks for the report! It definitely sounds like something’s not working as it’s supposed to. May be a synchronization issue, I’ve not encountered this myself when I’ve played with friends but it sounds important so I’ll forward it to the devs.

Thank you… it has been happening for my group for a while now… issue but we havent been able to capture it in anyway as its hard to show who can who cant and are they really there or not… we were going to try and record something but as with the other report i made i can invite people to my game… hopefully its nothing big

A video, or even screenshots would help tons :slight_smile:

we can try tomorrow as were a bit down on the game tonight…but how do we show that someone cant see what someone else can…
I mean say i can see them and can screen shot and someone else screenshots nothing…
it can be sad nothings there

It does sound tricky. Regardless I’ve forwarded the issue so we’ll see if the devs can reproduce it.

Oh would it be helpfull to add that 2 of us are in Western Australia in 2 locations and one is in the UK with an alternate sometimes playing from the US
This does happen with 2 of us playing are both in West australia…
so there are geographical things
Also if needed we could set up a session with someone to see if we can recreate

I suppose it could simply be a lag issue, with the distances, and the current state of the world… But, you never know. Still worth checking out.

Seen this from very first battle with Apo tanks. Mines disappear after couple of seconds and only their clicking sound can be heard.
After last battle on Himfjäll, where the Apo tank boss launched tons of mines, the mines continued to “pop-up” 30 mins after the tank was destroyed.
Took this as inevitable evil, a bit disturbing yes, but yesterday we died few times stepping on visible mines while having party with 2 Apo and 2 FNIX tanks (+typical hunter/runner crew), so it does not matter so much - usually one grenade thrown where I do expect the mines cleans most of them

Yes or the player that can see destroying them BUT like you say if your in a big battle with 5 tanks plus crew being able to do clearing is not always possible… and well i dont like dying needlessly… especially if its a bug

I dont know if it’s just me or everyone else is having issues about the Proximity Mines of Apocalypse Tanks being invisible. I dont know how this happens as some of them are visible and some are not. It’s frustrating running towards an area where you think is clear of those damned mines when suddenly it explodes in your face and your character takes a nap. I hope this can be looked at.

Yes i have an issue when a tank dies or when out for too long the proximity mines disappear.

Fighting two of them is just impossible because of this issue combined with them being tick factories which forces you to be mobile. It puts you in a literal minefield where you just have to hope that the next step you take wont be your last. This happens in MP btw im not sure if this happens in SP as i mostly play with friends.

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