Invisible tank at Overby Airfield

Near the end of the runway, about -1119 720, I could hear a tank. Then it shook the ground, then it picked up on me. I went prone, there was grass and turf floating above me and I think the tank almost stepped on me. I never saw anything.

Mysterious. Sounds like this bug, but I’m not sure. Could you provide some more details?

Not really, like I said, I thought the invisible tank was going to step on me. It was that close sounding. However, when I went in to the bunker on the north east end, by the green barrack looking buildings, on level A I found a tank inside the bunker hallway. He killed me, but maybe that was the tank I heard? But he was under ground and that’s why I didn’t see him?

They’re not supposed to spawn inside like that… I’ll let someone know about it though, AI has been a little funny since the November Update. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

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Two years later and I’m beginning to meet invisible tanks frequently on PS4. Not only at the airfield. You can hear them and when you look for them, you can stand inside their noise, but it’s not there.

I’ve had this all the time since I started on PS5.
In general after or inbetween greater battles there suddenly start these fake-tank-sounds or fake-harvesters…

That’s right, although for me it’s mostly tank fake sounds, but since they don’t become aggressive when you get very close, I’ve been ignoring them for a long time and just keep walking

In some rare moments I also had seekers or ticks I heard sounds from, but didn’t see them.

In some cases they just seemed to be placed under the surface. I place an explosive, threw a grenade or used the granatgevär and was able to destroy them. The sound was gone and I got XP.

If that is the case for tanks and harvesters, too, it could be really difficult to destroy them the same way. There also is the question where they suddenly come from.

Is there a regular spawn place and time for them, but if the player is too close if they should spawn, they spawn below the ground accidently?

Maybe one reason for many framerate-drops and crashes.

For me, the Seekers are actually more that engine fire can be seen in some places, although there is no longer a Seeker.