Ironsights, scope or ACOG

Am I the only one who prefers the ironsights to ACOG and to short range scope in close range up to mid range fight? I agree, the aiming is less precise, however it seems to me quicker to follow a moving target, and the vision of the overall situation is better. Of course, I do not speak about sniping.
What’s your opinion?


I prefer iron sights on my A4 than a scope . If the speed of the ADS with a scope was faster than what it currently is ( like wading through treacle ) then a 4X would be on no dramas .

I’m on xbox with an elite controller and even with an instant setting on the right stick with no dead zone the aiming with a scope is super sluggish. I’m not looking for twitch type shooting , but just being able to track a walking target would be nice.

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Same with my Ag4. When I ran the hp5 I did irons as well

I prefer the ACOG on assault rifle and shotgun, but prefer irons on sidearm and SMG.

I use 1-4 on both AK4 and 5. And ACOG on my HP5. Nothing on my Shotgun. I’m thinking about dropping the one on my Ak5. As I use that one most in close combat. AK4 I use against tanks and harvesters from some distance. Shotgun mostly underground against ticks.

I dont use any sights on my close range weapons, I think it distracts me too much than blowing their circuits out :smile:

Nowadays I use ACOG on both Hp5 and AI76, iron sights on Sjoquist shotgun. My game have changed drastically from my previous stealth/guerilla tactic to run and gun nowadays, picking every fight possible more and less, so these three weapons are heavily used. Learned to love the ACOG, gives 2x but also good visibility at the same time.

I was used to a x4 SUIT sight on my SLR, so I have that on the AG4 which means that especially at night I can be holding that weapon in case of ambush, but have magnification in case I want to look at something quickly. Can’t be a*sed with binoculars - I’m sorry I spent two whole points on the wretched thing - they’re useless. Now, if they told me what a machine was carrying that I could recover - that’d be different!

You can buy a perk for faster aiming. I assume it brings it all up to the eye faster. On PC it’s quick enough. I’ve got an ACOG on the SMG and the Shotgun. I’ve even got a sight on the .44, but I use that mostly for Ticks and it’s irritating when you miss.

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And on the plus side with scope is IR/OP attachments. I have it on all my scopes and have scope on AK4, AK5, .270 and .50cal.
But since june update I’ve only found one IR attachments. And I’ve killed a bunch of robots. So for my second character I don’t have any at all. Don’t know if it’s just for me and my friends I play mp with or if it’s the same for everyone.

Iv’e found that if you sort of reverse circle strafe (walk backwards while turning) while using the ACOG you track your target much faster.

Obviously through a scope that isn’t very practical as the FOV is too low.

I’m on the XBox too so I feel your pain when it comes to tracking anything through anything other than iron sites.

Still wish they would add mouse and keyboard control for XBox users (as MS added the facility last year)

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