Irritant inventory miss after last patch - scopes miss thier lvl

Starting to get acquainted with the new inventory system, scrapping weapons and parts until I realize I just scrapped my golden sights I had in backpack …

The scopes dosen’t show any levels, why???

At least I had some spear 1-4x and 6-12x in my Plundra but seriously, how could this be missed?

LoL i did the same thing :smiley:

I think devs hate us


Yeah, I’ve been very careful scrapping scopes because of this.

First off the bug: Scopes are not showing any quality indicators in inventory. When you put them on the weapon and look in attachments you can see it then, but now that ALL ATTACHMENTS SHOW IN INVENTORY I have a gold rifle scope I would like to use…and five purple ones I have to trade to friends…but in inventory I have six of the same scope with no difference between them. can this get fixed real soon.

To be honest. this new system feels like it was designed by programmers and game theorists with NO TESTING DONE. you can not tell me any test group found that a more complex and slower inventory system was a preferred solution. I am sure there are MANY fans out there that would be willing to test out your solutions and provide feedback before a public wide release to help you with these issues. Many independent game companies find utilizing their fans for testing is a good solution.


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After the update all other weapon attachments are showing their correct quality (Dilapidated, Worn, Good, Exceptional, Special) but not the scopes and sights, is this deliberate or accidental, and if accidental when can we expect a fix?

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Hello everyone and Systemic Reaction,

I would like to report that any optic, whether that a Red Dot Sight, 1x-4x Scope, 2x-4x Scope, 4x-8x Scope, 6x-12x Scope, or 8x-16x Scope, none of them display their quality level in the inventory. All other attachments and weapons display their quality level, but optics do not which makes it necessary to look at their model in the inventory to distinguish what quality optic it may be through rust or the lack there of.

If any other players notice this please like this post so the developers will see it. If you have anything to add comment below.
~ Vatruvius


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so i noticed this pretty late but the scopes dont have the star rating on the top right of the icon as they did before. a scope thats gold tier vs a grey tier only looks different if you look at the models while inspecting them in your inv.

As a noob, it took me a week to figure out how to tell the rating qualities of scopes. This is something that needs to be fixed.

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yeah i have been following this game for a while and it didnt have this problem

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