Is 5* 8-16 able to be found?

can you find a 5* 8-16 sniper scope off a machine? I’ve been looking for one for a while now with no success. id be willing to buy one, (I’m on Xbox) I can pay with an exp. pistol, exp rocket launcher, or advanced medkits in bulk.

These can drop from FNIX and Apoc tanks + Harvies. Just gotta get a bit lucky in them dropping since obviously other stuff can drop from them too.

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ok, thanks. ill try focusing on Apoc class instead of FNIX like I did before

Good luck on your hunt for it.

Also check loot crates/boxes inside military bases/bunkers up north.

would it help my chances if I was to use my exp PVG with a purple version of the 8-16 attached?

No, it’s all random.

6-12 is a much more useful scope… Just saying. :wink: