Is Apex account mandatory for command points?

I’ve noticed twice now that I haven’t received any command points even though I’ve already destroyed 2 Finx bases, I’m currently playing without an Apex account because it’s known to make crashes and savegames unusable, or is that another bug in the long list of errors in GZ?

For the first 2 bases I got some (apex active), now not anymore.

Win 11 Pro, 8GB Ram,Ryzen 2600,1030GT

As far as I know you need at least a basic apex connect account to be able to play GZ.

I don’t know if that is one reason, but it could be possible.

I wonder how you are able to play without an account. Or do you play complete offline? I didn’t test it on Playstation yet.

Maybe it’s because of Steam that it works without it, no, my PC isn’t offline when I play, I’m 99% alone ingame. without (Apex account) it only works for about 24 hours, after which it has to be recreated