Is assault rifle barrel extension mounted backward?

I’ll skip the regular bug report template because it is just a cosmetic issue.

I’ve just noticed that assault rifle barrel extension is mounted backward:

Would say it isn’t. Screws on like a silencer or compensator on the barrel.

Well - yes, that’s how this imaginary attachment is mounted on the barrel, but the part that should be threaded and screwed on is facing outside.

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I checked this out myself and it seems mounted correctly.

The part with the screwthreads is on the barrel. The whole thing just looks a bit weird, that is all. Maybe that is to distinguish it from the Suppressor visually. (Since there was a different topic on that subject, where they were found to be too thin :slight_smile: )

Unlike the SMG barrel extension the AR one does not have any visual threading (what you see on the outside is called knurling ).

Threads on the barrels looks something like this:

Length - about 1,5cm

Looking at internal dimensions on both sides of the barrel extension which would be better suited to fit on that?