Is buying generation zero discs are hard to find?

so why i brought this up is that one of my friends said that generation zero disc is rare to find.
and i was intrested if you guys have encountered any of them, not from the internet.
i bought it from the shop from what i remember. ( it was 3-4 years ago when i bought it. )

where did you buy it?
  • xbox disc from internet
  • playstation disc from internet
  • pc/steam from internet
  • xbox from a shop
  • playstation from a shop
  • pc/steam from a shop

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I didn’t even know physical copies existed - but so it would seem…

I saw them in a few select shops back in the day. I wish I had bought a copy, alas.

I went for Steam instead. :cry:

I got my GZ Physical copy in October 2019.
Actually it wasnt that rare, at least not for PS4.
But you guys need to understand something.
Games like GZ usually only last 1 year in stores, their numbers are never too high, so its normal its almost impossible to find a sealed copy right now .
I cant find sealed copies of most pre 2019 games, unless they are AAA titles or had game of the year and upgrade editions.

I bought the Xbox Collectors Edition online (from Amazon I believe) and the PlayStation version from a local independent store.

Steam, Xbox Live and PSN digital versions all bought from their respective marketplaces.

Yes, I bought it 5 times. :wink:

Once upon a time…15€:money_mouth_face::cd::ringer_planet:Ex—ddr…:robot:Oi-:free:–zone​:mechanical_arm::hugs::no_mouth::wink:

On Steam you can download an older copy of the application by specifying the correct Steam manifest in the Steam console. I have a backed-up copy of the old April 2020 update and am currently playing it (the Alpine Unrest DLC was installed automatically as well, nice surprise).