Is "component damage" good for farming?


I wonder if the explosion that happens when a machine is destroyed damage collectable components? The optics components (and maybe weapons if the machine weapons is connected to weapons findable on the machines?).

If that is how it work do the “component damage” skill add to the damage the components take when the machine explode resulting in the skill making it harder to farm for Good components (and weapons)?


Component damage will only assist you in combat and plays no effect on drop rate.

All drops are RNG, but you can bottle neck what you want from some machines if your after specific items. Also factor in that if you are on XBOX, the drop rate is appalling to what it currently is on PS & Steam.


I was thinking about taking the skill but was second guessing it so it is really good to know for sure.

I am in steam and the drop rate is fairly bad even here so if it is worse on xbox it really have to suck.
It is fairly annoying to take down a high level tank and only end up with a huge pile of useless ammo and maybe a level 5 klucke 17 extended magazine (feels like I find one of those for every 2-3 other level 5 items)

That skill is used to get the vision modules which the drops do get affected upon destroying theoptics of machines, other stuff as Alias said isnt affected when destroying components of the machines.

Until the drop rate is addressed in line with the actual loot pool, I’ve been recommending people trade for what you need now.